COM0014 – Blog # 2: How To Tell a Great Story For Your Brand

People love  great stories.  Stories evoke emotions and move us in various ways.   They connect with us and help us connect with other people.   People have always loved a great story and therefore marketers have been using storytelling in their campaigns for years. However,  today the traditional marketing channels have evolved and continue to do so.

In order to tell a great story today,  a brand must consider all of following:

1. Goals:  Why are you telling your story? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to solve a problem?  Are you trying to convey a message? What is the point of the story?

2. Audience: Who are you creating the story for? Who are your customers? What do they want to see?

3. Authenticity: Be true to your brand and tell your own story using your own unique voice.  A perfect example is Commander Chris Hadfield‘s   jovial and down to earth (pun intended)  promotional video for his new book.

Also, remember that  using your own unique voice doesn’t mean that grammar rules don’t apply. Grammar mistakes are distracting and take away from the story.

4.  Creativity:  Get creative and creativity does not need to be complicated.  Sometimes the simplest of ideas make the best stories like the following creative tweet from Boston Pizza on hockey’s opening night in Canada.

In celebration of hockey’s return,we have a big announcement.Our pizzas will be available puck-shaped all season long

— Boston Pizza (@bostonpizza) October 1, 2013

5. Consistency: Be consistent in your message.  Tell the same cohesive story across all your marketing channels.

6. Relationship Building: Listen to your audience and monitor what is being said about your brand, your competition, and your industry. Ask your customers for their input and their opinions. Respond, talk to them, and have a conversation.  Engage with them and energize them. Build the relationship and then maintain it.

What other elements or factors do you think lead to great storytelling today? What are some of your favourite social media marketing stories?

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