#4 Do you eat the red ones last?

Smarties are oblate spheroids with a minor axis of about 5 mm (0.2 in) and a major axis of about 15 mm (0.6 in).They come in eight colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, mauve,[2] pink and brown, although the blue variety was temporarily replaced by a white variety in some countries, while an alternative natural colouring dye of the blue colour was being researched.- Wikipedia


We all remember a few years back when Smarties, A Nestle candy brand came out with the slogan “When you eat your Smarties do you eat the red ones last?”. We as consumers really knew there was no actual taste difference in the red ones. One other campaign, which ran for 2 weeks asked not to share them with a U.S. flag on the screen. Due to the Smarties Candy Corporation who produces Smarties (we know them as Rockets). Smarties are enjoyed mainly (pounds per capita) in the middle east and Europe.


Every year there are many “promo” lines released. Halloween ghost chocolates filled with Halloween coloured Smarties, Christmas chocolate tree balls filled with Smarties and for a short time Sundae Smarties are just a few. of the many they released. No one truly knows how many campaigns. First produced in 1937 there have campaigns that were worldwide,country-wide and as small as a community wide campaign.


Why do we consume them still to this day? That’s a personal question. With all the marketing and the uniformity of the pieces you will always have the same taste and smiles with every box/bag consumed.


Sadly all my red ones are gone! Until next time remember “Don’t share them”!


#3- Chunky or Smoove?

Yes, you read right, this post is all about Peanut Butter! Why? Why not!


As actor J.B. Smoove once said “There is no such thing as smooth, it’s always Smoove” (First appearance on Howard Stern).


What is it?

Peanut butter is a food paste made primarily from ground dry roasted peanut (actually a legume and not a nut) (A big shout out to Wikipedia for the info). Depending on the brand, it can include sprinkles, chocolate and even jam (Kraft Canada came out with this) It is in items from breads, cookies, squares and in many cases chocolate bars. According to the Huffington Post, March 1st is national peanut butter day. This treat, although many are allergic to it, has not stopped many from celebrating it all around the world.


Which way do you spread?

The two main forms of this comes in smooth and chunky, according to the great peanut butter debate (http://simmerandboil.cookinglight.com/2012/11/13/the-great-peanut-butter-debate-smooth-v-crunchy/) people are very passionate about it. I myself prefer the chunky variation due to the unique texture and appearance it has. I would love to know what you think.


Until next time, Stay crunchy my friends!

#2 You and your inner Extension- Headphones and your Environment

As promised previously, we are going to look at Headphones and look at the pros and cons of the debate.



We all see them, people with headphones in their ears or around their necks letting everyone listen to their (many times nasty) music. Ever since the transistor radio (and arguably earlier) our society has been plugged in by one or more speakers positioned towards our ears. Everyone, according to Huffington post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/16/headphones-bad-for-hearing_n_4100874.htmlThe article warns about decibels when not using noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancellation headsets, if worn out in public will remove many of the warning signs associated with vehicles, audible hazards as well as possible situations that can arise day-to-day in a busy surrounding.




Headphones while walking, running and especially exercising adds a soundtrack to life. There are a few great situations where they are lifesavers. On the plane, on a train or bus. If exercising they can make it fun and in many cases, they push you to do that last sit up or that last mile on that treadmill. They also give the freedom of hands free communication while driving, cleaning, or even cooking. As with most topics there are almost endless possibilities. What do you like/dislike about them?



#1: You and your inner extension

We all see it, on the bus, on the street and on the ground after you run into that pole. Cell phones in the past years have changed our entire social environment. In the next few blog posts I am going to talk about a few positive and negative aspects that I encounter on a daily (even hourly) basis.



STREETS-  We all have seen it, people trying to be Secret Service with their single ear bud or MC Hammer (minus the pants) that wear big studio headphones, anywhere you look people are in their own Iworld. Although great time passer, do we actually lose our social skills? Personally I do, trying to ask for directions has become a hassle, trying to warn people of hazards are impossible and yes the iconic (but painful) walking into a pole incident. That’s just the tip of this topic, I would love to hear your stories as well!

TRANSPORTATION- How often have you had to say “Excuse me” to someone who wasn’t really in this world? On several occasions I had to invade people’s space just to tap then to let me pass on the bus, train and even planes mid-flight! When we are plugged in we expose ourselves to many new dangers. That scooter zipping by at mach 1 (I swear I caught glimpses) to those silent electric cars. Then we have the cyclists, The silent being who zips past you always doing the Tour de Ottawa right at the sidewalks edge. These are just a few added hazards of plugging in and zoning out. Have you had any encounters/observations? I would love to hear them!


In the upcoming posts I will come back and go in-depth on the points I spoke about earlier and will include Polls and Articles that go even deeper into said topic.