COMM0014- Blog Post #1- The Trip My Dog Died.


So I guess, you’re all wondering how on earth the memory of my beloved dog passing away could possibly relate to one of my favourite travelling memories. Well, I’m here to tell you a wild tale about how my ‘virtual’ dog was left on the top shelf of a bunk bed in one of the MOST beautiful places on earth.

It all started the day I was born into a loving family, who couldn’t care for me. Fast forward seven months and a plane ride across the Atlantic ocean and I was adopted by a Canadian couple rural Ontario.

My parents always wanted me to maintain my heritage but I was always a little hesitant. Growing up Canadian I had little interest in pursuing the education of my ancestral roots and more in the advancement of my video game levels or the next episode of Hannah Montana. Of course they eventually won out and in August of 2008 we decided to travel world wide to visit my homeland.

During this trip we travelled amongst an adoption group and visited absolutely breathtaking places. Including Xian Xian, Beijing- right during the pre-olympic period!- Shanghai-the most futuristic city I’ve ever seen- and so much more. But it was the night our travel group spent on the Shanghai Malev- a train that travels what feels like faster than the speed of light- that my whole world came crashing down.

This train had every service imaginable on hand, maid service, bunk beds, mini tv’s, you name it, the train had it. So as a nine year old Canadian raised girl, I hung out in the top bunk, ate lays chips and played Nintendogs- a classic Nintendo pet care game- with some of the other girls I had met.

I remember the moment as if it was yesterday. It was a great evening with many laughs had, that was until the incident. As usual I remember my parents and I retiring for the night around 9, tucking away into our little bunk pods. There was a small ledge on the back of the top bunk, which at the time seemed AWESOME! So I tucked in my little gaming console, and shut my eyes.

The next morning felt like a blur with breakfast being served and getting off the train in what felt like, 20 minutes-probably closer to an hour or so- of waking up. So being the nine year old I was, I rushed around last minute to pack my toys.

After leaving the train, we quickly boarded a bus which would take our travel group to our lodging for the night. I remember the tour guide’s voice being very monotone and blah, for a tour guide. So as a typical child, I asked if I could play my gaming console with a friend. Unfortunately this is where the story gets worse.

As I rummaged through my bag, my moms purse, and all of our on hand luggage there was no console to be found. My face hot and flushed, my eyes starting to well with tears and my heart pounding five miles an hour, I knew THIS WAS IT. I ran to my mom while we drove past mountains, smog and beyond gorgeous scenery and regaled the tale. I remember my mom telling me some sort of ‘it is what it is’ story, because we were a trillion miles from home as foreigners so there was no hope in finding it.

After a semi- large meltdown and a stern talking to about responsibility, my trip of a lifetime continued on. Although my friend was lost, many memories, photos and laughs were had. It’s roughly eleven years later and I still remember my homeland trip being filled with happiness, joy and lots and lots of delicious dumplings… but I will also never forget that this was the trip that my ‘virtual’ dog went to doggie heaven.


Power Of Social Media.

Hello Friends, 

It’s the final stretch in our adventure to find four different but equally important ways social media has positively impacted society. For my final blog post I figured there was nothing more fitting than to talk about than its purpose.

As per its definition social media is “Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”.  When one breaks down the definition into layman terms, it translates to a digital platform used to connect. According to a statistic conducted in the United States, “around 43% of grandchildren live 200 miles away from their grandparents”. Translating this information into layman terms, it  roughly takes 3 hours by vehicle to reach them.

I am fortunate enough to have one set of grandparents live within my community, but I first hand know many friends who have long distance relationships with a larger part of their families. I can’t personally imagine how difficult it must be when part of your immediate family lives farther apart than an hours drive, but for many this is reality. With the innovations being made on platforms like Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp, communicating with family members has never been more accessible. To support this theory, we can look at a real life example of how social media has helped two people reconnect.

A recent documentary titled “Twinsters” follows the story of Samatha Futerman and Anaiise Bordier, two Korean twins separated at birth. Both women were adopted into loving homes and 22 years later discovered one another. Bordier who resides in Paris, mentions-in the documentary- her friend was the one who spotted Futerman in an online video and instantly contacted her to find out more. After getting in contact with one another, the women spent 2 years communicating through online messages and video calls, hoping to one day meet. The documentary delves more in depth about their ‘journey’ but the overall message of the film remains ‘power of social media” so much so their tagline is “Two lives. Changed Forever. With just one click”. 

If it weren’t for social media and its power and ability to help others connect, these two women would’ve never discovered one another; let alone meet. This isn’t the only situation where the power of social media has presented itself in the media though. Looking more on the entertainment side, there have been numerous musicians who have risen to fame from online means. For my first example we needn’t look farther than Canadian music icon, Justin Bieber. The young singer began his career in Stratford Ontario playing cover songs on the steps of the Stratford Festival Theatre. Thanks to a viral video of the singer, music producer Usher swooped into mentor the singer. From there I’m sure we all know the star’s iconic rise to fame, but let’s look at one last example. Popular NBC reality television show “The Voice” is insanely popular for brining online vocalists and duo’s to light. A few recognizable names include but aren’t limited to: (The Late) Christina Grimmie, Jordan Pruitt, and Danielle Bradburry. Over time one can assume that their success on the program could be related to their ‘online fame’ but that is for personal assumption.

To end off my fourth post, I’d like to say I am proud of discovering four positive ways social media has effected society and my generation. Looking in the future I’d hope that the way we use the various platforms will only progress into a more open minded and safe place for users to share their thoughts, idea’s and emotions, with one another.

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Hello Friends,


As I continue the process to find four different ways social media has positively influenced society, I didn’t have to look farther than my own backyard. Advertisements for businesses and companies are no longer commonly seen on your television screens but while scrolling endlessly on various social media timelines.

The definition of ‘Social Media Marketing’ refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. With this in mind, one can easily see how when working hand in hand, how both benefit each other. Although we could talk about the benefits the different platforms provide for companies business wise, I thought it would be better to talk about something in our community that effects us all.

The Sick Kids hospital located in Toronto, Ontario is Canada’s most research intensive hospital and is the largest centre dedicated to improving children’s health. I am fortunate enough to say I’ve never had to visit the facility for its purposes, but the building remains a landmark and central piece of the city. I feel proud and honoured to call the Sick Kids Hospital a place where children are able to recover and become healthy. Although the building is most definitely a landmark for the city, it is time for change and for us as Torontonian’s to step up and take responsibility. 

Their latest marketing campaign “VS Limits”  encourages people to donate and help the company fundraise to build a new and improved facility. With an estimated cost just shy of 1.3 billion dollars, the campaign began last October and is set to run until early 2022. One of the greatest parts-in my opinion- about the digital campaign is the ‘Join Your Crew’ aspect. 

The campaign’s main intent is to bring donors of different backgrounds, ethnicities, races and sexualities together, in the race to fundraise money to build a new facility which supports “over 1500 admitted children annually” (Retrieved from

Once a donation- of any size- is made the next step for the donors is to join a crew, from Fashionista’s, The Ballers, The Artists, The Chefs, The Dog Lovers and beyond; there is a perfect crew for all. Along with the ‘donation’ part of the campaign, the organization has some major ‘star factor’ to help push the campaign along. With fellow Canadian celebrities endorsing ‘Fund The Fight’  the reach of the campaign has gone worldwide. High profile supporters include: ‘Ryan Renolds, Andre DeGrasse, Fred Van Vleet, Jozy Altidore, Pinball Clemons, Kyle Dubas and Cheryl Hickey.

Understandably the point of digital marketing is to gain through monetization and audience reach and participation, but if digital media and media marketing can help propel and grow the target audience for companies and causes such as this and non for profits, I firmly believe we’re onto something special.

Every dollar counts for this specific campaign and I would absolutely love- if you’re local- you go and visit the exterior of the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto or research and learn about the facility.

Together we have the power to make a change, for the better.

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The Content Creator.

photo-1504270997636-07ddfbd48945Hello Friends,

While I embark on my journey to find four different positive aspects of social media, I did some self reflection. As a graduate from a school of media, following trends and those creating them is very important. With the number of online profiles and networks expanding every year, I figured there would be no better time to talk about the people leading them; content creators.

According to a study conducted by UK Education and Employers Charity, “over 75% of children ages 6-17 wanted to work in social media”, specifically on the ‘YouTube’ platform. These results are definitely a couple of things, but foremost they’re telling. With each year passing by the platforms grow in popularity, making the community more saturated. According to an online source, in 2017 users are watching 4,146,600 videos every minute! Along with the joy that is ‘online fame, luxury sponsorships and brand deals’, there are numerous aspects of this job/lifestyle traditional media fails to recognize.

The marketing, editing and promotion of their content- on the growing list of relevent social platforms- is a relatively newer portion of their job, that most of your favourite creators are still learning about. Some of the learning curve includes but isn’t limited to: learning what upload times gain better responses, the correct algorithms for different platforms, which social tags gain better responses, and learning how to balance creative freedom and social trends. Taking all of this information into consideration, one can see that this type of job has never truly had a concrete description. With the simple concept of working ‘full time’ as an online persona/creator only beginning in 2008, the few available platforms were primarily seen as a fun way spend down time, and communicate with friends. For most it never was about the ‘luxe’ life, followers, monetization, and sponsorships.


As a graduate from a school of media, it became very clear very quickly, how truly saturated the media market has become.  Although it is probably the hardest it has ever been to break through the glass ceiling, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although this is only the beginning of my journey as a broadcaster and growing my personal brand, I’m still so grateful for all of the opportunities and joy the internet and social media has brought me as a fellow creator!

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The Positive Effects of Social Media.

photo-1493664543243-589b576c5bcdHello Friends, 

The other day while I was binge watching Netflix -as one does after a stressful day of work- my mom walked by and murmured something that really stuck with me. As she held a basket of laundry she stated ‘You’re so addicted to that social media and technology stuff’. For most this would come off as a snide remark and nothing more but for me personally, I couldn’t stand it. The thought of someone marking me off as ‘one of those technology addicted kids’ really ground my gears. After some thought and deep consideration, I realized that I don’t mind being labeled as ‘one of those kids’ and here’s why. Despite all of the negative connotations, the internet paved my future. 

I know it’s a little dramatic to start, but hear me out. Today’s society has never been as advanced as it is now. With every possible idea, creative thought, online sale, or service, one click away, the internet is a social conglomerate. According to Ragan Communications Inc, Google translates roughly 69, 500,000 words every minute. For most this statistic is simply incomprehensible, but for an avid media junkie like myself it’s life changing. With over 300 hours of video content uploaded to ‘Youtube’ every minute it’s no surprise that the effects social media can have is life changing. Throughout my 4 blog posts, I will be talking about 4 different positive impacts social media has had on society. As a millennial I can attest to most of the things I will be posting about. 

To start off, let’s talk about the effect it has on young people. As stated in its name, social media is a way to connect with others through digital means. With most platforms opening their services to young teens, the idea of ‘connecting’ with friends and creating a digital identity is now an instrumental part of their growth. According to the PEW Research Centre, over 80% of adults between the age of 18-29 are avid social media users. Although the demographic from this statistic is higher than what I was originally looking for, the ‘coming of age’ aspect still applies. To go back to the comment my mom made earlier, although I personally don’t agree the report from PEW Research Centre shows that factually she may be onto something. The case study mentions that just over half of the 18-29 demographic says they would find it very difficult to disassociate from their accounts online. By visiting and using these sites or apps daily or more frequently, I believe teens and young adults are becoming addicted to the complete access rather than the internet itself. With new platforms and ways to connect created every half a decade, creating a new digital identity and becoming ‘addicted’ to the likes or content posted online has never been easier. 

With insurmountable new content being posted online every minute, it’s not a surprise that young people are becoming attached to their devices at all times. It’s a before bed scroll, on the toilet check and between class browse that causes said addition to the digital lifestyle. Although it would be  hypocritical for me to say that I am not guilty of all of the above, I am not going to sit here and say that I am not appreciative for what the internet has brought me.

Within seconds people can find their classmates and connect, create memories and share them with distant relatives and more importantly the internet allows people to be whoever they want to be, regardless of their physical personas. So to conclude, yes I’m talking to you baby boomers and beyond, when you see your daughter, son, niece or nephew furiously typing away on their gadget of choice, just know that when you were furiously playing on your Macintosh 128K your parents thought the same!

If you want to have your mind blown definitely head over to Youtube and check out the link I’ve attached here:  5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now