My Top 4 Bloggers and Vloggers

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve decided to tell all of you about my favourite Bloggers and Vloggers! I’ve always had an interest in both YouTube and Blogs as a potential career path and these awesome women have made their livelihoods around different platforms. So let’s jump in!

1. Love Taza

I have mentioned the blog Love Taza a couple of times since starting this course and honestly, I think that I love it more and more everyday. Naomi Davis just posts about her adorable family, travel tips, New York City, occasionally make up and FOOD. You can never go wrong with someone who posts about food. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos in a series with her husband Josh, titled “Let’s Chat!” and travel videos. Here is her most recent Let’s Chat about Valentines Day. I love how positive she is and how her content is always different and unique!

2. Aww Sam

If you love pink, unicorns and do-it-yourself projects, Aww Sam is DEFINITELY a blog you need to check out. I found Aww Sam via her Instagram and all I could think was “PINK.” Sam is constantly posting really different and new d.i.y. projects and always has a photos to break down the project into steps, which I think is super helpful. Her site also has a search feature where you can navigate to different projects and posts via her favourite things, like cake, donuts, and emojis. Here is a link to my favourite d.i.y. project from Aww Sam, a recipe for a Giant S’more Cake!


Giant S’more Cake from Aww Sam

3. Anna Saccone

As someone who literally has her life filmed on the daily, I sincerely look up to Anna Saccone for working on her own YouTube channel AND blog, while raising a family, with another baby on the way. She is super mom. Anna is constantly trying to better herself and is always working hard whenever you see her. I enjoy her YouTube channel because it has a great balance between fitness and food. She uploads a series call “What I Ate Wednesday” where she vlogs what she eats and talks about different recipes she makes. You can check out one of her “What I Ate Wednesday”‘s here.


A picture from one of Anna’s “What I Ate Wednesday” blog posts

4. Tanya Burr

Finally, Tanya Burr has probably been my biggest inspiration. I’ve watched Tanya Burr since 2012 and I never tire of her YouTube videos. Her content focus’ on fashion, baking and make-up tutorials. She recently released a book called “Love, Tanya.” which features recipes, life tips, relationship advice and so much more. One thing that made me fall in love with Tanya Burr was her Christmas Vlogs or Vlogmas, which is daily vlogging every day till Christmas. Here is one of Tan’s baking videos for you guys to check out!

I hope you guys enjoyed my post!

Do you have any favourite bloggers/vloggers? Let me know in the comments below!

-Katie 🙂

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The Global Goals

Have you ever wanted to make a difference but didn’t know how? Whether it is just a small thing like picking up litter or a larger experience like participating in a 30 Hour Famine? If so, you should totally check out the Global Goals.

The Global Goals is an initiative for sustainable development, that 193 World Leaders signed in September of 2015. Their goal is to end inequality, extreme poverty and climate change in 15 years. As explained on their website, they believe that the goals will only be completed is awareness is raised and we keep the leaders accountable.


The Global Goals


The goal that stuck out the most to me was #5: Gender Equality. I think this is such an important subject that is unfortunately relevant everywhere. As someone who grew up playing sports with boys, I faced gender inequality at an extremely young age. I was constantly told I wouldn’t be able to do the same things they could, and it seriously affected my self esteem. I think it is extremely important that we inspire and empower girls from a young age to strive to be best they can be and that they should never feel inadequate to the people around them. When I found out about the global goals from one of my favourite YouTuber’s, Tanya Burr, I was inspired to find out more about the initiative.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 6.56.14 PM.png

Something I found extremely cool about the Global Goals, is that they encourage everyone to use social media to spread awareness. Not only do they have a mobile app, they also encourage supporters to use the hashtag #GlobalGoals, to engage in conversation with one another and to spread the word about the Goals. Their website also has a page where it shows what organizations you can get involved with to start helping. They also have a youtube channel, where they posted promotional videos, like this one.

What do you guys think? Would you participate in the #Global Goals? Which one would you pick? Let me know in the comments!

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The Amazing World of Pinterest


Hi Everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a great January and your February is going just as well! I’m choosing to write about an application today that I absolutely love. Pinterest was something I discovered in 2012 but didn’t really get into it until I was in my second year of university. Once I started to use it, I honestly could not stop. It became a part of my everyday life (which looking back at it, probably was kind of unhealthy). So here are a couple things I think everyone should know about Pinterest!

All of your thoughts are organized in one place

The nice thing about Pinterest is that you’re able to have everything you want right at your finger tips. You can easily create new boards and pin ideas such as recipes, clothing you may want, DIY ideas, home decor and many other things to whatever boards you wish! I find this to be a great system because within seconds I can find the specific thing I was looking for in seconds.


A screen shot of my Pinterest profile!

Things are easily shareable with friends

A really cool thing I love about Pinterest, is their sharing system that is based on the website. I feel as though many people are not aware of the easy to use chat feature, where you can send Pins to your friends or even some of your followers! I once had one of my followers send a Pin to me that I actually ended up saving! You can share a Pin on Pinterest by hovering over the picture of the pin, and clicking the paper airplane icon. Then select who or how you wish to share it, whether privately sending it to a friend on Pinterest or Tweeting it!


A screen shot of a post off of the Pinterest App! The share button is so easy to find!

You can always find new content-ALWAYS! 

No matter what time of day, week or month, I always find new and exciting content on Pinterest. Whether it is from a larger company like Anthropologie or a small blogger like myself, I always enjoy the content I find on the website! Some of the content I tend to sway towards includes home decor and design inspiration, recipes, crafts and DIY activities and many many other things. Check out my Pinterest profile here for some new content for your own Pinterest!

Hopefully my post will inspire some of you to check out Pinterest and all it has to offer!

Happy blogging, friends!

-Katie 🙂

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4 Things Camp Taught Me

When I was growing up, my parents made an incredibly smart decision to send me to summer camp. I attended many Girl Guide camps, during the summer as well as throughout the year with my local troupe. But when I turned 12, I quickly started to outgrow Girl Guide Camp. So my parents set out to find a different camp, eventually finding the Cairn Family of Camps, a camp based out of Baysville, Ontario. Ever since my first summer being sent to the Glen Mhor site, I became overly obsessed with camp. I would countdown the days to the next summer, stay in constant contact with my camp friends via MSN Messenger and the early form of Facebook. When I turned 16, I attended the 4 week Leader In Training program, then went onto being hired as a counsellor the next year. I continued to work at Glen Mhor for 5 years, moving up in the ranks to a programmer role. Camp was such a huge part of my life, and I learned so many important lessons because of it.

Here are the 4 that stick out to me the most:

  1. Magic makes anything and everything better

At my camp, (as well as many others) we value something we call “Camp Magic” This element is something that grabbed me and pulled me in feet first. Camp Magic makes camp so much more meaningful and exciting. On my third summer as staff, I managed to convince my cabin of 13 year old girls that my friend Matt was Peter Pan and that he was going to teach us how to fly. AND THEY WENT ALONG WITH IT. It didn’t matter that we were literally running and jumping, or that they knew it was one of the other staff members in a costume. Camp Magic makes anyone believe that something is happening. If aliens invade, a dragon shows up in the forest somewhere or if there’s an evil queen trying to steal everyone’s dessert, everyone believes. Its just something that makes camp all that more special.

2. Don’t let your fears hold you back

Although I like to pretend I’m “adventurous”, I’m really not. I’m the kind of person that likes a nice night in, with a book and a bubble bath. So being thrown into an environment where you are challenged to take new risks and seek adventure, was a little tricky to adapt to. I personally do not love heights. I’m fine on roller coasters, semi-okay on planes, but the idea of high ropes…No thank you! My last summer at camp, our camp was lucky enough to have a high ropes course installed. Before all the campers arrived, the staff were invited to play on the ropes course. Although I really did not want to even get on the ladder, I decided to attempt something called “The Cat Walk” In order to be able to participate in this element, I had to scale a pole and then stand on a very big log, very high above the ground. I can remember climbing up and my hands shaking the entire time. But here’s the thing: once I got to the top, I was totally fine. It became something fun because I overcame a fear. I would’ve been so mad if I hadn’t gone up there. This was just one of the ways that camp challenged me to put my fears aside and try new things.


Up on the Cat Walk! I’m on the right side.

3. Getting up for a sunrise is always worth it.

During the spring, my friend Robynne and I had to work on Night Patrol, where we would stay up all night to make sure if campers needed anything, they would have someone to check in with. On our first of the three nights, Robynne and I decided that we would go down to the docks and watch the sunrise. After doing all of our work for the night, preparing the kitchen for breakfast and eating a ridiculous amount of leftovers, we ventured down to the waterfront, only to be greeted by an overcast sky. Totally gutted, we hiked back up the hill and went to sleep for the day. The next evening, we decided to try again, only to be greeted by another overcast sky. Ready to give up, we decided that we would try one last time on our last night of patrol. When 4:30 rolled around, we grabbed the camp camera, put on a couple layers and walked down the hill to Echo Lake. As we reached the canoe docks, all of our failed attempts finally resulted in a win. I will forever see the image of the sun rising over the horizon, the sky turning colours of pink and orange you could only see in a sunrise, the water completely calm.


A picture Robynne snapped of me, watching the unbelievable sunrise.

4. The friends you make at camp, are friends that last a life time.

It sounds corny but its undeniably true. I was lucky enough to meet my best friends at camp. These people are honestly more like family than friends. After living with the same people for 2-4 months, you become incredibly close, and attached. These are also the kinds of friendships that you can go MONTHS without talking to each other and be just as close as ever.


My friend Spencer and I at my last staff banquet

Camp becomes the home that brought us all together and that keeps us all tied together. I am incredibly thankful that I was able to experience camp and that I have all of the memories I’ve collected over the years.

What about you guys? Have any of you ever been to camp or shared a similar experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading!

-Katie 🙂