3 Ways Social Media Is Killing Your Relationships!

Living in a world full of social media comes with many benefits. Although that’s great, what a lot of you fail to see is the negative effects it brings, like the impact it has on your relationships. Social platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are known to be detrimental to your relationships.



Platforms like Instagram give us a sugar coated highlight real of other people’s lives and relationships. You’ll often see the appreciation posts of someone talking about how amazing their partner is, or posts showing off the wonderful thing their partner did for them. You will see people post about the car their boyfriend bought them, or a picture of the couple on a beach together, or them sharing fancy meal at a 5 star restaurant. Never will you see a post about how often a couple fights, or how boring most of their day is. This puts the idea into our heads that we should be expecting for our relationship to be like this. Leaving us disappointed with what we have and feeling like there is something wrong with our relationship.


Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly comparing what we see on social media to what we have. I often see this happening in the form of comparing how our partner looks to what we see on social media. I’m sure at some point you’ve caught yourself thinking: “man, I wish my girlfriend looked as good as her” as you scrolled past a picture of an Instagram model. With all the different attractive people you’ll see over and over on social media, it starts to become the new “benchmark” for what a person should look like. It can lead to you losing satisfaction with who you have and feeling that the person you’re with isn’t attractive enough. We always want the things that we don’t have.


Time is the one thing you can never get enough of and it is one of the most valuable things. With social media’s infinite scrolling and endless amounts of content, you’ll have wasted your full hour of spare time before you even realize. With our busy lives, we all often struggle to find the time to go on a date with our partner or find an hour to just relax. It is very important to have time outside of work, school and other activities to spend with your partner. Simply cutting out social media will usually free up that time needed, as on average you spend 2.5 hours on social media every day! Don’t let your phone take priority over your loved ones.


Is this something you’ve personally dealt with (in a romantic relationship or with a friend/family member)? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. You’re definitely not the only one!

Is your relationship being killed by social media? These are 3 common things you might be suffering from: *LINK*

Is your relationship being killed by social media? These are 3 common things you might be suffering from: *LINK* #relationshipadvice