COM0014 Blog Post #2 – Storytelling and Communication Styles

once upon  a timeCan I let you in on a secret?  What if I were to tell you a story no one else knew?  Would you be interested?

Storytelling has always been evolving, and continues to do so. What has remained constant is the need to share and communicate.  It is the longing to give information away to another human being.

When it comes to communication and storytelling, first hand information is something that everyone loves.  There is something about being the first to hear the story.  Why?  So you can have the thrill of sharing that story to the next person, that feeling of introducing new knowledge to a friend (or a foe).  This to me is my favorite aspect of storytelling, the initial engagement, then the unraveling of the story line.

Is this easy for most?  Often times not.  And I don’t believe it is always the meaning of the story that isn’t exciting rather, it is often the manner in which it is told.  I marvel at writers that have the gift to grab their readers and, the hard part, continually draw them in.  But with this new digital age we have style options.  We can produce a video and speak directly to our listeners, or choose to engage them with our own unique style – we don’t need to be good writers to have our story told in a dynamic fashion.  But many of these alternate ways of sharing a story have been around since the dawn of time, so is digital really changing much?  Or, are we just fortunate to hear more storytelling through social channels in our digital age? Or,  in this new age are we re-learning the art of telling a good story?

What’s your favorite part of storytelling?  Do you have a preferred way, through digital technology, to share your communication?

COM0014 – Blog #1 – What I Did on My Vacation


Awesome.  Really, really awesome.  That is the word that comes to mind when I recall my Kauai vacation memories.   I just returned (jet lag and all), so those memories are fresh.  I am happy to have the opportunity to reflect and begin to journal those thoughts and reminisce about those experiences that shaped my holiday.

I immediately upon arriving felt a slight shift in spirit, a feeling in which the island had something special to share. From the red dirt, to the scaling cliffs, cascading waterfalls, to the incredible sunsets. And now a brief run-down of the three Kauai stand outs that I am still dreaming of…….

1-      Warm Weather!  Coming from Northern Alberta, that’s a biggie.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the seasons, but I’d like winter to be two months long….tops!  Little bit before Christmas, and a little bit after, then call it done.  I don’t like frigid weather, so to fly away and land in a warm climate is worth all the airport hassles.   As soon as I stepped off the plane I knew I had escaped to a warm wonderland.  As I excitedly exited from the plane I immediately experienced the warm soft breeze upon my skin.  Now that is one hell of a welcome.

2-      Adventure!  Wow, the Island just calls for you to let loose and discover your adventurous spirit. If you love scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, or hiking, Kaui will hit your sweet spots.  We started our adventure by booking a one hour helicopter excursion, and we were not disappointed.  I thought the pilot was joking when he said “Mahalo and thank you again for your company”, I sincerely could not believe an hour had flew by.  It was hands down the fastest hour of my life.  The scenery was simply amazing.  Witnessing the canyons, the waterfalls, the endless beaches,  was spectacular. We scanned the valleys, the rainforest and the Napali Coast.  As we climbed the peaks we were swept away with beauty then whoosh, the earth would escape below us, as we whizzed over the cliffs. I felt like I was experiencing something very special, that I was able to reach in and view a land that time seemed to forget. If you want to truly experience what you cannot see by car (and in some cases foot) then I highly recommend this flying adventure.

3-      Endless beaches!  There are 50 miles of white sand that surround Kauai, and many are empty, just inviting you to take a pause in the sun and watch for a whale show.  Most of the beaches have scenic backdrops of mountains and mist off in the distant.  As I sat there and looked off into the misty peaks it was hard to believe I was basking in the hot sun watching the rainfall a long way off in the distant cliffs. With conditions such as these it is no wonder Kauai boasts stunning rainbows as a common occurrence. The water was warm and the waves were high, in the distance were surfers catching their waves. And the sunsets, wow, just gorgeous. And the best part of all was being rocked asleep each night and awakened every morning to the sound of the ocean waves.


Clearly the list is not limited to three, the list could be endless for you. If you are looking for a destination to simply escape, suntan, feast on fresh fish, discover adventure and dream then this is your place.  Or maybe you’re just looking for that mystical lost piece of your soul, that fits only you. I can’t help but feel there is a presence of nature that happens on the island that can be deeply felt.  I have grabbed a small piece for my own soul to help nurture me until I have the opportunity to visit once again, and I hope if you ever have the opportunity to visit, that you will as well.