COM0014 – Blog #1: Mini Vacation To Wasaga Beach

          You might not think that a vacation day to Longest freshwater beach in the world could be relaxing but don’t you worry, I am going to share with you how I spent my last mini vacation at Wasaga beach and give you some tips about your visit along the way. This beach has a boardwalk running from one deserted side of the beach to a densely populated area of people, shops, and restaurants. Thankfully I decided to pack sandwiches, snacks, and juice for my nephew and brother because the price can run high down the boardwalk. At the more populated, area 1 of the beach there are also showers and water fountains. There is parking, but it is so expensive and usually by the hour, especially when you get close to the shop end of the beach.

So here’s a tip with parking at Wasaga beach. You set your google maps from Wasaga beach to Luau Resort because they have all-day parking for only five dollars NOT TO MENTION they are near the relaxed, further area 2 section of the beach. IMG_20170820_195137You might see people walking through but if you cross the road and walk for the beach, you will find a pathway through because their are millions.  Wasaga beach is two hours from Toronto. My hometown of Barrie, Ontario is only an hour away from Wasaga which is even better and most of the drive is road surrounded by farm field.

Badminton, lunch, and sunset. It was a beautiful day, the drive was traffic free like usual and the sun was bright as ever with blue skies. I remember wanting to go so bad for the three years before that and just thinking, “finally, I can go feel the soft white sand and explore the shallow warm sand bars out in the water”. We arrived and set up shop on a little hill overlooking the beach and boardwalk, they have tables set up in the shady treelines. IMG_20170816_191529We explored the sand bars like I craved, roamed the shops but I decided just to look. Then, we played some badminton and ate lunch together while the sun started to fall. 

Favorite part. My favorite part of my mini vacation didn’t have anything to do with the beautiful beach, blue sky, and a relaxing atmosphere. IMG_20170816_193641 It was my adorable nephew sneaking off to stand in the trees (by himself) so he could go make a duty. I found it hilarious, he is usually so shy but because we were in the treeline he found comfort there.

             So, my mini vacation was just what I needed, thanks to Wasaga’s beautiful beach I can re-live my childhood days of playing in the sand or going to get ice cream. IMG_20170816_203206I may not fit underneath the boardwalk anymore like I did when I was a child but that’s alright because Wasaga has tons of stuff I can do instead. IMG_20170816_202020

I would go skydiving. If you could go or do anything on this list, what would it be?


F*CK YOU! Should Children Swear Online?

We all remember that time in our childhood when we discovered our first swear word. We would say it to ourselves quietly making sure nobody was around, that way you wouldn’t get a slap up the side of the head from mom. You would start to say it to your friends in conversations and they would introduce you to a whole new swearing vocabulary. You would even slip the tongue around some people you probably shouldn’t have and felt immediate guilt afterward if you were anything like me. These were the beginning stages of finding out you couldn’t say a word that adults would react too and give you attention for, but it was negative attention, unfortunately. Kids these days start cursing to young because they are exposed to young. Children are going on social media before, after and even during school. The bad thing with all these five-year old’s walking around with a phone is that there is often no or very little filter on what they see.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Gaming and Cursing. My brother loves to play this online game called, league of legends. League is a strategic game where your team plays against another team to win, it has a real-time chat as well. People get upset in this game and say the meanest things to each other, so much so that you can get banned from the game if you go too far. The swearing is blocked by little stars and you also can block somebody if they are being verbally abusive. My brother got banned from this game, twice. He didn’t consider that these people take what he says seriously and it’s not all a joke just because he thinks so. Now, would he do this in real life? No. But online, it just seems so much easier to take yourself out of the mindset that people are on the other side of that screen. You can really hurt somebody’s feelings, especially if you have no clue what gender or age they are.

Why Not Let Them Curse? There are plenty of obvious reasons why children shouldn’t swear online, which makes this such an easy argument. They are being taught bad behavior by their peers, strangers online and even by parents. They see this language online and its normal to them. F this, f that, you mother f-er, Idgaf, and stfu are all examples of stuff online that parents can read but not necessarily understand it as swearing. If your parents can’t catch it, your friends are involved in it and its seen as cool then why wouldn’t you swear online? If a child gets comfortable swearing online in text, they can evolve to videos and reality as well. Swearing at other classmates or teachers nonchalantly can land your children in detention and can give them a bad reputation as well.


Gif by BubblePink on Giphy

How to stop it. Just because you can’t stop social media from becoming part of your child’s life, doesn’t mean they have to turn into the kid with the potty mouth. Watch your children when they are online and having fun, make sure its healthy interaction and to focus on all your child’s vocabulary. Make sure you are enforcing the rules because if they get out of hand online, they could become a cyberbully. I also believe that teachers should give reminders in class about polite behavior on social media. Teachers should be getting involved in social media themselves, so they understand and can deal with an issue effectively. If social media aligns with online education, then we should advance to new technology as well. Networks should star out swear words online and report them if a child is deemed underage (10 and under at least). They should also incorporate a warning that can be given saying if it happens again there is a consequence, like banned from Instagram for a week. I believe that if it continues, the account ban should be extended little by little and eventually taken away as a whole. Do you think it is okay for children under the age of 10 to swear online feely? Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

facebook.png My 6-year-old just snapchatted his middle finger to my mom… #childrenonsocialmedia #swearorno?twitter.jpg My 6-year-old just snapchatted his middle finger to my mom… #bigquestion #swearorno?

Social Media Depressed My 11-Year-Old Girl.

I work in a workplace with four girls, five if you count my boss. These girls are all super skinny, trendsetters and up to date with social media networking. They are run of the mill, valley girls with low self-confidence who post model pictures on their Instagram daily and await likes eagerly. They go to the best coffee shops, take stunning pictures of their food and dress up in super fancy clothes just to go for a drink. Little 11-year-old girls are all staying inside to make sure their makeup is on point, they have the best selfie or shopping for the cutest puppy earrings to make their followers jealous. They have friends over to give them company but are they really giving them happiness? How comfortable could you be if you feel like your best friend is judging the selfie you took with your puppy? Or that the guy you really like in class didn’t like your new profile picture yet online? Girls ages 1-13 need to focus on being children and learning. BBC News says, “Social media has become a space in which we form and build relationships, shape self-identity, express ourselves and learn about the world around us; it is intrinsically linked to mental health.”


Gif by Miracow from Reddit

Girls can start the constant battle of depression at such an early age, even before puberty has time to take full effect. Which means that these Instagram models that have their own makeup teams and airbrush specialists give the image of what is to be normal online. These poor girls get so twisted trying to understand self-image, popularity and even how to react to others online that they lose focus of what really matters. Insulting their peers that obviously don’t meet their requirements of beauty can be a toxic effect of social media. Child Mind Institute says “image-driven Instagram shows up in surveys as the platform that most leads young people to report feeling anxiety, depression and worries about body image”. Social media at such an early age has also inflicted girls to struggle with isolation, self-esteem, concentration, healthy activity and sleep deprivation.
Cyberbullying and body dissatisfaction. I’ve noticed something about the girls at my work, they have slits on their wrists, long nails they cannot work with, go to the gym with makeup on and even wear eyelash extensions. These girls, by the way, are teens going into young adulthood. They practice self-hate all the time because they never see themselves reach the level of beauty they have seen is accepted. The Guardian says, “Girls aged 11, 12 and 13 displayed a “gender-specific vulnerability”, triggered by the onset of puberty, which made them much more likely to worry, sometimes intensely, about their appearance around the time they started secondary school”. It’s not only self-image that is a problem, but its also cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying from boys playing mean pranks, other girls who are jealous, and even random strangers online. Scary mommy says, “Notes slipped into lockers, anonymous phone calls, and the rumor mill was all in fair play. And bullying could still be as cruel as anything. But back then, I believe it was harder to get away with the meanest stuff than it is today, when all you have to do is leave one nasty comment on someone’s social media account and hundreds of kids immediately see it (and also have the ability to screenshot, share, and pass it along).” That is intense pressure on somebody who is still trying to learn how to grow into her personality.



Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

How do we stop it? Or at least slow it down? Well, when you know something has a risk of affecting your child in a negative way, you would try to minimize the problem or eliminate it. Since social media can simply not be eliminated, its time to really get strict with her amount of use. Make sure your children have a strong core balanced with online time and offline time. Outside activities or events with friends can be a great way to get your child outside in the sun and forget about all that pressure of being a girl. Also, try putting your child’s device to do not disturb mode to remove some of those engaging notification alerts that can easily help them lose their focus. Teach your young child how to properly use social media and be open to all questions they may have regarding the topic. Let them understand that these pictures aren’t of real, natural woman and that every woman is different. Show them beauty is what’s on the other side of the screen not on it. Another thing I have found very helpful is no phone during super, family events or bedtime to really help them understand that a phone isn’t something you need to use for everything just because you can.


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twitter.jpg  Social media sent my 11-year-old girl into a depression #stopdepression #girlempowerment

The TOP 3 Negatives of Social Media Marketing you NEED to know

When I tell people that I do social media marketing for companies they always say the same thing, “wow, that must be such a fun job! Getting to roam facebook and twitter all day?!” and I just smile and laugh politely. As most of you reading this article probably know social media marketing is much more than just fun and games. It involves keyword research, online optimization, campaign management, content creation, and customer communications to name a few. I’ve had friends and family try to manage their companies online presence and they just couldn’t keep up with the rotating trends, event planning, and customer questions online. They ended up giving up and leaving it to float aimlessly in the online world. Knowing how to do the job is one thing but if you want to stay ahead of the curve, I would suggest trying to avoid and prepare yourself for the negatives that can sneak up and destroy your career.

Online Pessimism

Being around negativity all day can take a toll on you if you are not prepared for it. Your biggest tool to deal with this problem sounds simpler then it is, be optimistic and open-minded. People mostly share opinions on social media, unhappy customers shine online and even use the companies page to try and taint their reputation. Sadly, customers that are satisfied with the company rarely come forward and do so without motivation. This doesn’t mean that you only have negative customers, remember to watch the sales and don’t get caught up in online complaints. Deal with the complaints as positively as you can, try to make the situation right and remember that sometimes there is just nothing you can do but apologize on the companies behalf. It’s not just customers, past employees or personal enemies can interfere online as well and it is safe to ask the company if you can take appropriate action and (or try) erase what they have said on the companies social media page. So, if the pressure becomes too much, remember that even Mcdonalds and Rogers get their fair share of negative feedback online as well.


Photo by Francisco Moreno on Unsplash


It is incredibly easy to be online and post something off the top of your head, reply to a customer without thinking, or even make a spelling mistake. With such an intensive world for sharing, liking and following, our mistakes can travel the web at lightning speed. Save yourself some embarrassment by always double checking something you write or, it may get to your boss before you have a chance to fix/inform them. Negative feedback, brand reputation, and your job could even be on the line if you let a mistake slip through the cracks.

It’s a 24/7 Gig

You don’t work 9-5, it never stops. You will always be monitoring, responding to feedback or posting informational updates. Actually, you are more needed outside 9-5 because that is when the majority of your customers are at home browsing. Try to think about what will positively affect your business and yourself most, take care of those core tasks in your main work hours so your “off-time” can feel like off-time. The online community never sleeps, so no matter what time of day it is you need to be available. Use tools like Buffer that can help you save some time and take some stress off of your busy career.


Gif by Doze Studios on Giphy

When dealing with clients, it can be a struggle as well. Marketing Talent Incorporated puts it well by stating, “Companies can earn millions of billions of dollars through social media marketers in the short span of four months, and the company will pound them for not performing better. “You lost a lot of weight… Just. It’s not enough. Sorry.”.

If you watch out for these negatives, you can get ahead of them before they consume you. Have you dealt with a negative online experience with a client or company while marketing them?


The TOP 3 negatives to becoming a social media marketer. Prepare yourself for obstacles you didn’t see coming! LINK


The TOP 3 social media marketing negatives you NEED to know #winning LINK


Why is social media like cat hair?

As a previous cat owner, I have discovered the pros and cons of being with cat hair and without. Cat hair, like social media, can be a horrible thing but it has its equal positives. Social media and cat hair both have similar effects on people. How they live, their lifestyle and their perspective.


Photo by Sereja Ris on Unsplash

Cat hair gets annoying. Just like social media always popping up notifications on your phone, cat hair is everywhere. It’s in your cereal, in your mouth, on your favorite black sweater, your pants and flying in the air all around you. We are bombarded with marketing emails, pointless entertainment, and ads on top of ads every single time we jump on a social media platform. Every business, grandparent, and CEO are trying to get on facebook just because of the mass publicity following its arrival. You cannot escape either social media or cat hair.

Check out this helpful blog by to find out 10 ways to deal with your furry friend’s cat hair! (Number 9 is my favorite)

It can have some unruly stowaways. Ever heard the saying, “haters gonna hate“? Well, I have. Unfortunately, social media can have some pretty nasty people browsing around. Like a flea that may have hitched a ride from your cat to your juicy arm, people go around online just to cause trouble. Bullies take advantage of insecure girls, guys and girls are constantly sending each other snaps ruined with filters, girls insulting strangers who they don’t know, and heavily opinionated people torment others because they don’t agree. Like cat hair, social media can turn a social, positive environment into a scary realization that you have fallen victim to something you didn’t ask for. Now you have to clean the sheets, powder the carpet and clean your poor suffering cat.

It reminds you of what you love. Yeah, cat hair gets on my nerves but now that I don’t have one, I miss it. Same goes for my social media. When I haven’t been on my social media in a while I miss the funny videos I share with friends, the Pinterest ideas that my mom has given me from her board, just knowing that communication with my friends is just a click away. Without social media, I start to feel lonely.


Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

Cat hair and social media both make me feel like I am part of a community. When I see a person covered in cat hair, I nod and understand what they are going through because we both are going through the same experience. I understand the frustrations that come along with it just as much as they do. One of the first things I do when I meet a new person is to ask somebody if they have facebook so I can add them.

Are you a pet owner who struggles with your pet’s hair? Do you struggle with social media? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



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