COM0014 – Blog #1: What I Did on My Vacation

Moving from Romania just 2 year ago, I find that I left a big part of me behind. And so it is, as all my family and friends are over there (defining over there: about 16 hours flight…. If you are lucky enough not to have a 6 hour stopover).

Being a spoiled brat my whole life, I find very difficult not living 2 floors apart from my parents that will babysit my kid or cook dinner for me every day. So, I have to go home as much / often as I can so somebody can pamper me! You know I’m joking ….. but just a bit.

So, guess what I did on my vacation! I went home for over 5 weeks, my 3 years old daughter was already there having a blast and getting as spoiled as much as possible (I can tell, trust me)!

So, I managed to meet my dear family and some of my friends. I was on fast forward, trying to make for, as much as I could, the time that I had been away: talked a lot, ate a lot, being spoiled again… you got it! Celebrating a lot should have also been the case, but that happened only one night on a girl’s night out, 3 cocktails and a B52 were more than enough for me. My husband laughed at me the following day: “ dear, this is probably more alcohol that you have ever had in your entire life”…. Probably accurate…

No picture to be found and added to this post…. This is what happens when you “wash” your phone…. No memories left, no phone numbers…. Lucky me I have a FB page and so I gathered the missing …… memory!

In between my minutely planned meetings with my friends, I discovered my passion: painting on … stuff. Trying to encourage a dear friend to pursue her own dream and not only think about the material aspect of our dull lives, I found that painting and customizing t-shirts makes me as well feel very good, lets my creativity unrestrained (well I will let you decide if I am creative or not) makes me happy and I understand why my friend is torn between having a real job and a passion.

Feel free to like my FB page and give me your feedback (as most people I’m scared about what I am to find out, and I think I should’ve just shut up….But what the hack! I’ll do it: what do you think? Should I open a business or just stick to my real job??  Hahaha

Till next post