What I Did Not Know About Social Media Marketing

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Welcome back to my blog everyone! Today I will be talking about what surprised me about social media marketing and what apps were a little confusing at first.

The biggest surprise for me was the big use of Twitter for businesses. I never had Twitter because I did not really understand its use and I didn’t want to bother since I had Instagram and Facebook. As I found out how Twitter could be used to advertise businesses, it made a lot of sense. The platform was a little confusing to navigate at first because the content is so “small” and moves so quickly. Although, like anything else, I got used to it.

Here is a quick video on how to use Twitter for your online business

Another surprise for me was using Google Alerts and how helpful it was. I thought it would be more annoying than anything to have all these notifications and have to go through them all. Although, I have found them very useful and I’m glad to have been forced to use this tool. I even use it for investing to keep track of the companies I invest in. I look forward to going through my emails to see what recent articles have been posted.

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Blogs and how popular they still are was also a small shock for me. I have known of blogs for awhile and thought they weren’t really used anymore by businesses but boy was I wrong. I learned that they are a good way to attract new customers and to build trust with your target audience.

❤️Thanks everyone for checking out my blog❤️ I hope everyone has an amazing day and don’t forget to turn on your post notifications‼️

Make Them Buy Your Sh*t

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Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! In today’s post I will be reviewing how storytelling affects your digital content and how important it is.

So what do stories have to do with marketing? My answer, everything! In order for people to buy your products/services they need to feel that emotional attachment. By telling a story it keeps your audience engaged and keeps them from clicking or swiping away. Especially in these times on social media, everything is moving very quickly and you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. 

Here is an article that give you more information on storytelling with some examples.

Now, you can’t just tell a story and boom! Your product is sold out! Your story has to make your audience feel something. By the time you are done telling the story, they should feel they need to buy your product right now because it is the answer to all their problems. This sounds a little far-fetched but it’s true.

Here’s an example. Let’s say I am trying to sell my webinar that explains how to be more confident when you are at the gym. My target audience is people who go to the gym and feel shy or nervous being there. My story for these people would be that I was once nervous at the gym too! Who isn’t, let’s be honest. And now I’m this health and fitness influencer on instagram that talks about the gym all the time. In my story I would say that I was once in their exact position, and explain I have the knowledge to help them be more confident. In the end to add some *spice* I would mention that my course is only available for the next 7 days. This makes my target audience feel the need and rush to buy it now before it’s too late. I have to make them feel that I have all the answers to their problems and they need to buy now or else they will be stuck forever. Now, is this true? No. It is all part of social media marketing. It does not need to be to this extreme but this is the idea that really drives your sales. 

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Without storytelling, you could have the BEST content to sell and only manage to make some sales. Adding this technique you can really get your marketing to the next level and see that money come in.

Comment down below what you think about this strategy. What are some other techniques we could use to drive sales?

Event Participation

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing with you an event I participated in last year (before covid) and what I learned from it.

The event was run to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities Ottawa in support of their Meals That Heals program. It was not specifically a networking event, but I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people there in the dance industry that I will never forget. I was there to perform a 10 minute dance routine with 3 other girls. We were part of the entertainment that night along with some other really talented dancers. All of the dancers sat together and ate together before the performance. We got to know everyone really well and even though we all did very different types of dance, it was really fun to get to know everyone.

I do not have a better picture of the event than this one unfortunately.

At this event I met Inga Petermann who is a professional tribal fusion belly dancer, and two professional ballroom dancers Mikhail Kudriashov and Laura Jeffs. While getting to know each other we all learned what type of dance each person practiced. Mikhail and Laura are professional ballroom dancers and compete nationally. I learned a lot about other styles and how each of them got into the dance industry. While it is good to know people that do the same style of dance as you, it is also a great asset to know people that practice other styles so you can learn as much as you can about the entire industry. I explained how I had only entered the dance industry a few years ago and did not grow up in it like most of them. While I love dancing and performing, I do not practice competitively. I have done some competitions but those were one time events. The dancers I met, they dance professionally and practice most days of the week. I learned how much dedication and commitment they put into their passion just to compete and do shows.

When I first started dancing I had started later than everyone else and felt behind the first few months. As I gained more experience and fell even more in love with dancing, I wanted to practice every day and as much as I could. I considered competing and doing professional shows with much more dedication to this passion of mine. I still currently just dance for fun and do not make money from it, but I still love doing performances anywhere. The idea to start competitively is still in my head, although after meeting these incredible people I have decided that this might be just a fantasy of mine. While I do believe I could achieve this dream, I realized the commitment it takes to live this lifestyle. I got to learn how much practice it takes to perfect every single move and how much time it takes up. To be committed means sacrificing friends and family time just to practice. I am not saying these people do not have a “social” life, as this is what they love to do. I am just saying that I do not think it is the best option for me. I have come to the acceptance that I can keep that fantasy as a dream and just keep having fun while dancing.

One thing that I remember was my dance teacher saying after the event “I love seeing other people perform before or after us. It gives the audience an insight into dancing the many different kinds of styles” This is so true because typically people get dancers from only one style and while that is also nice, the variety gives everyone a taste of different styles. 

Would I do this all again? 100% yes. Once we are allowed to gather in public like this again, I would love to attend more events and meet more incredible dancers. Once the pandemic is over I am looking forward to socials again. These are typically weekly events at a studio or dance space where they teach a salsa (for example) lesson from 6-7pm and then 7-10pm is just having fun and dancing with everyone there. Even these small events are super fun and I have met most of my dance friends there. Meeting people in this industry is my favourite thing about dancing because it gives me the opportunity to experience more dance styles.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this event I went to and how it affected my view on the dance industry. Comment down below an event you participated in and gained a lot of insight from.

Getting Their Trust

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Another blog, welcome back everyone! Today I will be asking myself the question “What experiences can I share that will help my audience?”. Storytelling is a big part of sales. It gets your target audience emotionally involved and attached to your story therefore wanting to buy your product. My experiences can act as a part of my story to help people understand who I am how they can relate to my experiences.

I started practicing dance quite later than most girls would. That was one of my insecurities because everyone else there knew the whole deal and what to do etc. I was totally new to this world, and to add on top of that everyone was speaking spanish (I was taking latin dance). I felt like I was behind and thought I would never catch up. Indeed I did though with some practice and I felt more comfortable. I later on figured out that the feeling of starting too late or being behind happens to a lot of people. Especially if there are people younger than you who are better than you. It is a common feeling for people in the dance industry and that is why telling my experiences can help my target audience. It could be something that they are going through and that reassurance that it happens to a lot of people lets them trust me.

⬇️Below is a link to an article explaining how it is never too late to start dancing and that it is okay if you feel behind; exactly as I felt


Another experience would be that I was the only white girl in the group. Everyone else was latina. Everyone’s first language was spanish and some of them only spoke some english. Communication was hard between us at first. I didn’t know what to say and they didn’t either. Over time I began learning the terms in spanish and understanding what they were saying; they also learned a bit more english and we all became good friends. Again, my experience of feeling like I did not belong can help my audience know that it’s okay to feel like that and that it will get better with time.

I found this video and I could relate to a lot of what she said so I thought I would share it with you guys❤️

Sharing your experiences, even if the may make you feel vulnerable, can allow your audience to feel a deeper connection with you. Have you ever done this before? Let me know I’d love to see how it worked or didn’t work. Cheers!

Are We Still Networking?

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Welcome back to another one of my blogs! Today I will be sharing my main strategies to network myself online and in person. I hope you guys enjoy!

For me, in person networking means going to events and talking about my social media and what my services offer. Which then leaves my social media to take it away from there. A lot has changed since social media became available which is why I let my social media take the sales initiative at people to buy my product/service. Before, you had to sell yourself on the spot, which is still great to do today but it can also be done online (especially with covid).

⬇️Below is a link to an article about old-fashioned networking and how it is still relevant in today’s society⬇️


So what is my plan for the upcoming months? Since we are currently still in a pandemic, we cannot go to an in-person networking event. Although, more and more of these events are being offered via zoom or other digital platforms. First I will be doing some research on events that affect my industry to keep my knowledge on the current and upcoming trends up to date. Now, before it would have been networking in my area but since zoom can be done anywhere it gives everyone a chance to meet people from other countries/cities. As for online networking, planning my upcoming posts for social media and pre-typing captions will make sure I am on top of my content and stay consistent. By keeping on top of my social media accounts I can stay relevant on trends and topics to keep the conversation and engagements on my platforms high. As well, to stay top of my industry I will join as many Facebook groups as I can and spend a dedicated amount of time checking up on them.

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How will I get more people to buy my products/services. Offering them directly to people in Facebook groups is one way to start networking to people in my industry. Although, this takes a lot of time interacting. I will be spending some dedicated time to this method, but it is not my main focus. My main stream of networking myself will be my blog and creating an email list. While I advertise for my blog, my blog will prompt people to sign up for my email list. The goal is for my target audience to read my blog and like the content, therefore getting them to sign up for my weekly emails. Through my emails is where I will be selling my products/services. It gives me a more personable touch and direct content with my target audience which will create trust. By using this method it forces my audience to follow a “funnel” of clicks and to explore my other types of content.

What method will you guys be using for networking? I’d love to know some other ideas. Comment down below what you think of my method❤️

Personal Brand: Amanda Langfield

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Hello again! I’m so glad you guys have made it to another one of my blog posts. Today I will be describing my personal brand and giving you guys a feel for what I am like in real life.

One of my most prominent characteristics is that I am a good listener. I know that might sound lame, but hear me out. Being a good listener is about listening (obviously) and understanding what someone is saying when they are talking to you. Typically, people will come to me to rant about something that is bothering them and then once they let it all out I’ll give them some advice and some things to consider. After that, they leave feeling better and more clear minded. Anyone else with me on this one? It makes more an approachable person in any situation.

Another characteristic of mine is that I am very passionate about what I do. I like to do a good job and finish it well with effort. Dancing is my favourite thing to do and I do it as often as I can. When preparing for a show I practice until I KNOW I know the choreography.

Recently, there has not been much group dancing in public for obvious reasons, but I have created my own TikTok account that I made specifically for dancing videos. I created this account so I could try making my own dance content since everyone is at home anyways. I have been having a lot of fun with it recently and even though I don’t have that many followers, it makes me stand out from others who are not on social media just waiting for everything to open up again.

⬇️Below is an article I found about Tik Tok during quarantine and about how many people started making dance videos⬇️


My colleagues would say my best trait is how passionate I am. They know I really like dancing and they tell me they can see it in my face whenever there is music playing. They are of course passionate as well, but apparently I have this spark inside me that just makes me dance.

I am most proud of every single one of the performances I have been a part of; the big festivals and even the small ones for a local charity. Every show takes dedication of making sure you are prepared to dance, what outfits we will be wearing that match, doing our makeup and hair, and always smiling. The joy of watching the audience smile and tell us they enjoyed the show is always the most rewarding.

This is a show we did about 2 years ago at a hotel event downtown

Thanks for reading about my personal brand! Comment one of your own characteristics that involves your personal brand. I’d love to get to know you guys❤️

Are You Going Strong on the Web?

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Welcome to another one of my blogs! Today I will be discussing two case studies on two organisation’s and their social media marketing strategy. The two organisation’s I will be reviewing are Playback Ottawa and Student’s First. Playback Ottawa has a very good social media strategy in place, while on the other hand Student’s First does not.

I was drawn to Playback Ottawa to review because they are a small business in Ottawa and I think their social media strategy is working quite well. They have good quality content within their photos and information they post.

As well, they are very interactive with their followers. Playback Ottawa is always looking for new ways to engage and create better content. It is evident that they are trying new things such as polls, giveaways, and shoutouts to put their company “out-there”. For example, here is their most recent package for Valentine’s Day⬇️

Student’s First is the other organisation i picked because I have come across their page before and I found it was not helpful. Their content is informative which is nice, although it is a lot to take in/look at. If you look at their instagram feed, there are a lot of words and diagrams showing statistics. Now, the information is good, I just think it could be spread out. Or at least the majority of the information could be put into the caption. This would make it easier to navigate their content for a follower to find. To show you their feed, here is what it looks like on their page. ⬇️


Also, they don’t seem to engage in the comment section and do not tend to ask their followers questions. Looking at how they do not have a big following, I’m not expecting them to have hundreds of questions in the comments, but the comments that are there do have any engagement material. No engaging comments from followers such as questions probably means everyone seems they are not approachable or personable.

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Thank everyone for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed my content and I hope I gave you some food for thought on other organisation’s social media strategies or perhaps your own.❤️

Answer My Damn Question

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Welcome back to anotha blog boys and girls! Today I will be talking about the company called GoodFood and their trek using social media. If you do not know GoodFood, they are a Canadian company that delivers recipes and food to your doorstep every week.You can sign up for their subscription and receive, as an example, 4 recipes (4 portions) along with the exact amount of food needed for each recipe.


Looking at their Instagram and Facebook, GoodFood is quite active and engaging on their social media platforms. They respond to almost every question in the comment section and have a good personable approach in their communication. Also, since they are based in Quebec 100% of their content is translated into english and french.

When it comes to negative/angry comments, the company handles them very well in my opinion. GoodFood responds to all of these types of comments professionally explaining the reason why or apologizing for what has happened. Then they ask the user to direct message them to further assist them in their problem. It shows everyone else in the comment section that this company can handle these situations professionally but also take it to the next step and individually interact with these customers on social media.

Specifically on their Instagram, it seems that anyone will ask a question in their comment section on any post and get a response. While GoodFood does have a support team available to contact, they keep on top of comments to answer as many people as possible. I think this is a great way to allow your customers to trust your company and to let them know you are reliable.

Image result for goodfood spport team

Check out GoodFood on Ig to see what I mean. I would also highly recommend their product/service, it is very good food.


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Hi guyssss. Bueno. In today’s blog post I will be talking about my target audience and how to communicate with them. First things first, the industry that I am in is the dance industry. My target audience are (generally) girls in their early 20’s who do latin dance. Their ethnicity is usually a mix of hispanic and caucasion. I included both of these ethnicities because latin dance is from the latin culture and there are also a lot of caucasion people that also practice this style of dance as well (including me).

One of the main differences between communicating is all the different languages in the world. In my target audience, there are two languages involved which are english and spanish. Communicating in both languages would be KEY to reaching my target audience. This would mean translating captions, my blogs, or any other content I make so that everyone can understand.

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❓Where are you from❓

Keeping track of both communities would be a little difficult since within each community there are many conversations going on. Spending a lot of time listening for my situation is needed if I want to attract my target audience. All of social media’s groups, chats, comment sections, etc, is all essentially the same thing but just in two different languages. Although, there would be similarities between them, there would also be differences. This is because of the cultural difference.

To continue getting information from my target audience, I feel like using surveys would be an easy approach to get the most information. This could be on the website surveymonkey.com or just using social media (example: using instagram polls). Sending out simple and quick surveys to my target audience will give me more information to communicate with them better.

Even though listening may be time-consuming, there are ways to include my target audience. It just depends how I communicate with them.

Comment down below any creative ways you like to communicate with your target audience!⬇️

Stirring the Pot

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Here is some KEY information on storytelling, communication styles, and encouraging interaction that I have learned.

One thing I have learned about storytelling is that it is a much bigger part of social media marketing than I had ever thought. It is key to engaging and interacting with your audience for a more personal connection. If your audience feels they can relate to you, they are way more likely to buy your product. This is because they are justifying their reason to spend their money on your business. Now, anyone can tell a story. Although, the story needs to be engaging, personable, emotional, and thought provoking. 

Here is a short video I found about storytelling!‼️ I think this whole concept is really interesting.

I have also learned that in articles the most important information should go first. This is not what I was expecting but it does make a lot of sense. I would have suspected that the most important information would be kept until the end to keep the reader reading your content. Although, putting it first makes a lot more sense if people are only skimming which articles they want to read. 

While writing a blog, I had no idea that passive and active voice even made a difference as of content quality. I am not much of an “english” type person, so I honestly did not think twice about verb tenses and sentence structure. Although, I am pretty pertinent with my grammar. I like to make sure everything is spelled correctly and makes sense. 

Importance of the inverted pyramid | Comm455/History of Journalism

Also, I have seen the inverted triangle approach in my previous years of school, but I solely correlated that with newspapers; not to social media. It is the same idea but just a different platform of communication. I thought that realization was pretty funny. 

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Go comment down below one thing you have learned about storytelling! I want to see more of what you guys have learned😊