COM0015 Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

As we have learned throughout these courses, social media strategies can be very difficult, especially when trying to create good content. If a company uses social media tools correctly, it can allow them to communicate directly to its target audience and build its brand.

As someone who enjoys staying active, Nike & Fitbit are two companies that I follow closely and think have impressive social media strategies.


Nike has no problem thinking outside the box when it comes to activewear and staying ahead of its competitors. Unsurprisingly, they are using social media to their advantage with over 281 million Instagram followers and over 35 million Facebook fans. In addition to using short videos and influencers, this company stays on top of the latest social trends. Additionally, they ensure that their content stands out from their competitors by being fresh. Using athletes as brand ambassadors not only allows them to showcase their brand but also promotes them so that they can reach local followers and sports fans on social media. Furthermore, they cover a wide range of sports rather than focusing on one. Additionally, they share brand ambassador stories that motivate and inspire their target audience to continue to pursue their dreams.

Nike's social post
Image from Nike’s Instagram


As we have learned in previous courses, you need to stand out against your competitors, be consistent on social platforms, engage with your audience while listening to them, and be sure to follow the latest trends happening online.

Fitbit's Instagram post

This is precisely what Fitbit does on its social media platforms. They do a great job listening to their audience and ensuring that they are engaging in every comment to have a conversation and involve their customers with their brand.

Image from Fitbit’s Instagram

Besides creating engaging content such as videos, challenges, and health tips, Fitbit also constantly asks its audiences for feedback. Any feedback, whether positive or negative, is always handled promptly by them. As a result of this, Fitbit is also able to gather data that will be used to improve their products in the future by providing insight to their team so they can include it in future releases.

Titika Activewear is one business that can unquestionably benefit from advice on using social media tools to their fullest potential. In my opinion, they have a lot of very flat content on their social platforms. They are very content-heavy and actively promote their products, but they don’t seem to be keeping up with the most recent social trends. You want to stand out from your competitors and give your audience a reason to choose you over the competition, as we have been learning throughout these social media courses. If Titika focused on features like how their products are durable, has four-way stretch, is breathable, and is shape-holiding, I believe they would differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Which active/fitness brands are dominating social media, and which ones do you think need to up their game?

3 thoughts on “COM0015 Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. The brand I see less and less on social media lately is Gymshark. They seem to be replaced by other companies. I am not sure if they are having a hard time reinventing themselves, but I believe something will have to be done again to connect back to their clients.

    • Yes actually, that was another one I was looking at writing about. They really are having a hard time. Like many organizations, there is a lot of competition and I see more and more every day when it comes to athletic wear. Will be interesting to see what the next move is!

  2. I love how Fitbit can turn such a simple product into something that is really engaging on social media. This definitely helps expand their reach and engagement, almost certainly resulting in more customers. It’s also smart how they are able to reach customers and gather content and feedback. I’m sure this not only helps them improve their products, but also helps with customer satisfaction and loyalty. Very cool!

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