Promote or Don’t: The Ultimate Question.

Do you have a business?  Do you need to advertise what you were selling or doing? 

Often on social media, we see posts about businesses or even corporations posting about their products to entice you to buy them. On the other hand, we have post about how to advertise your products. When I searched up “is social media good for promotion?” Over 26 million results showed up. So what do I do? I clicked on the second article that caught my attention. This article is named “ three effective ways to promote your brand.”

In this article, they talk about blog post, social media, and hosting an event. Now would the typical person search this up? Most likely not. But me, a public figure, for a local community, just trying to help their fair succeed as the ambassador would search this up. I am always trying to find ways to help further my position as the fair, ambassador and help get the word out there. Right now or mission for the fair is trying to get everybody to know about the theme and that planning the fair is in the works. 

Marketing Image done by Nida Amalia

Throughout this article, they talk about blog posting. They specifically mentioned how you can link your blog post via emails or social media platforms to help reach out to people and get more traffic to the blog. No unfortunately being from a small town we have roughly 4000 people, and even just posting on social media wooden entice people to click on the link. 

Now, when we compare social media platforms to blogging, that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for social media platforms to reach all of the fairs in Ontario to possibly partner up or even engage ambassadors and form a friendship that can help everybody. For example, we use social media to post about general meetings, district meetings, ambassador meet ups and any convention or program that we went to. Next we got into hosting an event. Is this a lot of work? Absolutely. Would any business be willing to do this to try to further their brand or any new product or service? Most likely. One being a fair ambassador we like to go to the schools and try to get the youth more engaged in their small local community events. An event that we hold would be the fair, we promote this so much weeks and months leading up to the date. Many people see this as an opportunity to come and have fun, to the smiles on their kids faces or even just have a good time for themselves, whether that’s the tractor pull, beer tent or even the country band barn dance on the Friday. 

Aylmer Fair

Without social media, I don’t think that being a fair ambassador and trying to promote their home fair would be possible. I find myself scrolling on the ambassador Instagram page every day, trying to connect with other local ambassadors and fairs. Would I be able to do this via email and such? absolutely. But would it be the same? Would I be able to let other people know what’s going on and how fun this experience is?

Staff, IrvingWeekly. “3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Brand.” Irving Weekly Title, 21 Mar. 2023,


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One thought on “Promote or Don’t: The Ultimate Question.

  1. I think social media is an excellent way to promote a business- the trick is finding a balance between blatantly promoting your business to gain followers or entice potential customers to purchase your goods/ services and creating posts that can be helpful or entertaining for them. It can be hard to find the balance but once it’s there, it’s mutually beneficial for the business and the audience.

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