Self Care Yourself!

Self Care

Self care has been all the talk in 2023. From doing a 20 step skin scare routine you see your favourite influencers do or going on daily walks, taking care of yourself has become a huge priority in many North American’s lives since the pandemic that started in 2020.

Covid 19 changed the beauty world

Due to lockdowns and business closures durning the world wide pandemic, many have found them selves learning how to achieve their favourite beauty looks they used to frequent beauty salons for pre pandemic. Online relators such as Amazon offer salon quality products to start your DIY journey. I have, quickly realized since beginning my own self care on my own journey that the cost is drastically different! For example I purchased 6 gel nail colours on Amazon as well as the LED light to cure the polish for a total of $60CAD compared to a one time gel manicure at my local salon runs me anywhere from $55-$70CAD.

What’s to Come

As I continue my self care blog, I plan on posting various tutorials including but not limited to; skin care advice, nail art tips and weekly features of my current favourite products!

Reader Recommendations

As viewers begin interacting with my tutorial videos and product recommendations, I want to hear my readers/viewers opinions and recommendations! Once a week I will pick a reader recommendation to publish at the end of my blog to share to everyone and maybe discover a new favourite myself.

Amazon Recommendations to start your own Nail journey

As a first recommendation, we will look at a basic nail care set up to start at home manicures. Nail file and nail clippers can be purchased either online or at your local drug store. As for the polish and gel light I have added links to my personal favourites!

My gel polish

My LED light

Hand cream

One thought on “Self Care Yourself!

  1. Very good points! I think the pandemic really elevated the importance of self-care for a lot of us but because many people also had financial struggles during the same time, the importance of being able to do self-care for a lower budget became even more essential. Blogs and pages that give insight into the best tools and products save others from making poor purchasing decisions.

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