How 6 Seconds Can Influence Your Social Media Usage

Recently, while mindlessly scrolling TikTok, I came across a video of a woman explaining an app that she had recently found that forces her to wait 6 seconds before opening the app. At first, I swiped both this video and the thought away; however, I found it myself thinking about it for days. I decided to give it a try and was blown away at the difference it made in just a short amount of time; not only did this app reduce my screentime, but it changed my social media habits.

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What is one sec?

One sec is an app that you can configure to open any time you click on a social media app on your phone. It forces you to pause and take a deep breath for 6 seconds before scrolling or posting. The app also keeps a running total of how many times you have tried to open the specific social media app within a 24-hour period and gives you the option to either open the app or not after you take a deep breath and reflect.

One sec was developed for a variety of reasons including: to help balance time spent on social media, increase productivity, improve mental health, replace social media habits with healthier ones, and to improve sleep. The goal of using this app is to make the user realize how often they open their social media apps and question why they are opening it, whether that be boredom, curiosity or habit.

Does it actually work?

As skeptical as I was about this app, I must admit it certainly influenced my social media usage. In a recent article posted by WallarooMedia, it was reported that TikTok users spend on average 95 minutes per day using the app. Prior to downloading this app, I was (embarrassingly) spending an average of 2.5 hours per day mindlessly scrolling TikTok. Since installing one sec, my daily usage decreased to an average of 42 minutes. While this is still more time than I would like to admit spending on an app, I am very happy with my results.  I found myself clicking “I don’t want to open TikTok” more times than not, and instead taking the time to tidy my house or work on a project instead. I will absolutely continue using this app and will likely set it up for use on other social media apps as well.

Do you think one sec would be useful in your life? If so, which app would you enable it with to free up some time for more productivity?

Social Media Posts:

Twitter: Can 6 seconds reduce your social media usage? It absolutely can! Learn how a deep breath can change the way you spend your free time. ( link) #socialmedia #screentime #onesec

Facebook: If you’re anything like me, social media has completely taken over your free time. I recently discovered an app that helped me put the phone down and focus on productivity! Read more here: ( link)

12 thoughts on “How 6 Seconds Can Influence Your Social Media Usage

  1. Wow! This app sounds amazing and I will be downloading it ASAP. Apple introduced a similar concept of screen time management but I found I would just turn it off and continue onto the app. With this I may reflect before doing so. Very interesting!

    • I found the same thing too with the screen time notifications. It was too easy to swipe that message away! I’ve noticed a huge increase in my productivity since downloading this app.

    • I totally relate! Android introduced the same feature and I was able to stick to it for a bit, but before long I was just turning it off, and very quickly just deleted the limit I set altogether. I think the reflection period is definitely the key to success here so I’m looking forward to trying it too!

  2. I am on TikTok way too much! so one sec will be something I will for sure be looking into for my time management on Youtube and TikTok.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’ll definitely be downloading this app! I think my TikTok screen time is probably quite close to where yours started, though I haven’t brought myself to check and I think the practice of having to stop and think about why and if I should be opening the app is exactly what I need. I find it so easy to get stuck scrolling endlessly once I start so this sound like a great way to prevent that altogether!

    • It’s certainly takes a lot to work up the courage to see exactly how much time is spent scrolling social media apps!

  4. This sounds like a really great app! I’ve previously used screen time limits on my iPhone and, like others have mentioned, eventually began to just disregard the timeouts. What I did find helpful though was the tracking of how much time was spent on certain apps, and that was what eventually got me to greatly reduce my time spent on them. I like the idea of the 6 second think time and the use of a deep breath- it’s a really interesting use of mindfulness and self-reflection.

  5. Wow that is an amazing app! I have never herd of one sec nor have I even thought of a similar concept until reading your blog! I am shocked to see it actually works and will definitely be downloading the app myself! Did you notice results with any other apps?

    • I have! As excessive as my TikTok usage was, I actually would open Facebook and Instagram even more often- sometimes closing the app and then immediately reopening it out of boredom. It’s drastically decreased my time spent on both of these apps as well.

  6. This definitely sounds like it could be helpful. Like many others, I’ve struggled with keeping to the screentime limits I have set on my phone since they are so easy to ignore. I wonder if using the One Sec app over a period of time would result in long lasting changes, making the use of app no longer necessary once new habits are developed. Would be interesting to see!

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