COM0014 – Blog #7: The Stories That Inspire Us

Let’s talk about why storytelling is important to creating great digital content. How will your content be guided by the story? And finally, what kind of stories do you want to tell?

Stories are important when creating digital content. People want to relate to you and stories are the best way to showcase yourself. They capture people’s attention. Why is that? Because stories have been around for thousands of years. This how we connect with each other. It’s something that bonds us as human beings. Creating the right story will be remembered forever and for generations to come.

Create content guided by the story

Creating vivid content that captures a person’s attention is key. As we enter into an age where the attention span is only 8.5 seconds, we need to keep our stories short and to the point. Being authentic is vital as people want to see ‘real’ instead of fake content. This helps them to ‘relate’ when it’s authentic.

The stories we want to tell

The kind of stories we want to tell should be relevant to our life and or our business. Do we use specific tools that help us in our daily lives? Telling the story of how these tools intertwine into our day-to-day helps tell a story. Remember, we want our audience to ‘relate’ to us or we want to create an ‘emotional’ response. Sometimes the stories we think are not important may resonate with someone else. What will our story inspire the audience to do?

Storytelling is important when creating great digital content because it brings us together. Using vivid content will guide our storytelling. And finally, telling the right kind of stories that people can relate to will bring our audience to us.

What recent stories have inspired you?

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