COM0014-Blog#6- My Story-Who am I? What do I do?

Hello, my name is Gerald Dwayne De Mendonca and I am professional photographer/editor and writer based in Toronto. I chose this path because it’s my passion and I find it fulfilling, always waking up with excitement and purpose. I am an avid reader and I believe books are nourishment to the mind, so reading is a habit I can never get tired of. I started taking pictures as a teenager and fell in love with the process of capturing beautiful images, so after a while of contemplating , I decided to follow my heart and buy my first digital camera to establish myself in a competitive industry. I get an adrenaline rush doing what I enjoy and I am only focused on getting better by taking additional classes and attending seminars. I am reliable, organized and super friendly, so you can always be open about what you expect from me.

My past experience have allowed me to capture both photos and videos that were of high quality and this has given me the confidence to continue on this path. I have invested in some tools to help me along the way, such as a MacBook and the photoshop software, I also plan to further purchase some other equipments. Everyone says that I have good photo skills and this have given me the encouragement to keep going. I take great pride in what I do and want my clients to feel contented with my work so I make it a duty to always bring my A-game, trying not to make any error in the process. I am always prepared, well dressed and ready to unleash my full potential by capturing the best moments of any event. I never take life for granted and I cherish every passing moment, always staying true to myself while living my dreams as a professional artist/photographer in a great city.

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