Assignment #1: Post 6 – What’s my story?

As a person who has moved around a lot in my lifetime, I know what it’s like to settle in a new place. I’ve moved to new schools, new cities, new provinces and across the world to new countries, so I’ve experienced the difficulties that newcomers face with daily tasks, finding friends and navigating culture and language. I’ve experienced housing crisis, medical crisis, and loneliness all in a language that I couldn’t understand. Though these things are tough to deal with, I’ve mastered the art of adapting and making friends. I’m very resourceful and incredibly friendly, which makes me the best language teacher that you’ll ever meet.

If my students need something, I help them find it. If they are facing a crisis, I point them to resources to help them through it. So many people needlessly struggle alone, but I can help to change that and help connect them with the things and people that they need.

I am a firm believer in living life in community. Communities support each other, help each other through difficulties and teach each other about the best ways to live life. With each person I meet and each student that enters my classroom, my community grows. It’s my goal to empower those around me to live life better and help others to do the same. Anyone is welcome, any time, from anywhere. Let’s be neighbours!

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