What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?

Happy people spend their childhoods healing for life, and unhappy people spend theirs healing for life.

The best gift to a child’s childhood is a sense of security. My mother added warmth to my childhood, and this gave me a sense of security that has lasted a lifetime.

From the simplest of things, I woke up every day with a warm kiss from my mother, a hot breakfast, and her company on the way to school. On the way home from school, she would also ask me about the strange and interesting things that happened at school every day. On weekends my mother and father would often take me to the supermarket with them. Pulling me with one hand and pushing the shopping cart with the other, we would walk through the market and buy what we needed for the next week. The sound of hawkers, the aroma of fresh vegetables and food mixed together, constituted my childhood memories of that market. To this day, even when my parents are not with me, every time I go to the supermarket, I can feel the warmth of home, so I know that no matter what, my parents will be by my side, silently supporting me.

Beating is not kissing, and scolding is not loving. Only when parents are calm and peaceful can children feel secure. This is the best love for the child.

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