Great Experience

One of the most impressive to me was the leaderless group discussion for job applications in college, also known as group interview, which is one of the most efficient interview methods in campus recruiting because of its high elimination rate. It usually consists of a team of 6-10 applicants who discuss the questions given by the interviewer within a specific period of time and eventually agree on the content of the discussion and output a unified viewpoint.

Interviewers are not involved in the entire discussion, they will only be watching the performance of the candidates, through group discussions, to examine the overall quality of the candidates: logical thinking, teamwork, language, organization and coordination, resistance to stress and other aspects of the overall ability.

I bumped across a few other novice college students and we began talking like we were at the market, criticising how confusing your words and mine were. I was in a lot of panic at the time. I made an effort to remind myself to keep my thoughts in check and write down my own arguments before writing down those of another person’s. So to save time, I was merely writing down the relevant phrases. Also, during the discussion, paying attention to the opinions of others is a sign of both respect for others and of one’s own personal development. They claimed that I was the only one who paid close attention, which for some reason led them to believe me throughout our future conversations. I immediately discovered the cause in this ball of wool, everyone seemed to have a different opinion, but in reality, everyone was simply undecided between two options. I then properly summarised the summary cut to suggest that we had 20 minutes to compare the two options’ justifications in order to choose which justifications would best support our choice and enable a more thorough investigation of the issue.

In fact, I think I learned from this experience that I should be calm and collected and learn to listen to other people’s ideas.

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