COM0114 – Blog #5 Personal Brand

In my early teen years, I struggled a lot with my mental illness, being hospitalised throughout high school, and then being ridiculed when I returned to class. In my high school years, I kept to myself and stayed out of everyone else’s way. I think this has allowed me to learn to not be insecure in who I am. Most people would tell you I am an open book, I take pride in all my weirdness and I am not afraid to show it. I think this makes me stand out compared to my competitors, I will never lie to my audience and never tell them they need to change anything about themselves to fit in. Lately I have been learning how to be by myself, which a lot of people my age don’t do. I don’t go out and party every weekend and I am really just focusing on myself. My friends would probably say my best trait is being honest. A lot of young adults are still trying to have a lot of friends and impress people, but I truly believe as long as I am honest in who I am and honest to other people, I will be happy.

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