Blog 5: Alison C-Lachance’s Personal Brand

Alison C-Lachance, 2023

I am Alison Caron-Lachance, and my specialty is working in social media within the fitness industry. With my background in strength and conditioning for sports, I had the chance to expose myself to different communities from bodybuilding to football players. Most importantly, I want to help anyone who is part of the fitness community and has a story to tell.

People around me describe me as professional, proactive, and always looking at new ways of doing things. Even though most concepts in the fitness industry have been around for a long time, I do believe the way of sharing information can always be used in different ways to reach more people. You never know, you might have the key answer to someone’s interrogation.
I want to make a tangible difference in the life of the people I will be working with, and in their community. I will be able to help you create content that shows who you really are, in both French and English.

I have always been an advocate for small businesses. If you don’t require someone full-time to work on your social media, send me a message! I am someone who will adapt to your needs and won’t pressure you into anything you don’t need. I am here to help and alleviate the heaviness of the obligation social media can have on an entrepreneur.

Are you feeling the constant pressure of posting on social media, or feeling not comfortable across the different platforms? Let me know in the comment!

Alison C-Lachance, 2023

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