Maintain a healthy relationship with social media 

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with social media.  While social media can bring out such a bitchy side that we don’t like or appreciate. I would like to discuss how can we maintain a healthy relationship with social media. 

Follow accounts that make you happy 

I follow accounts on Instagram that make daily memes. Who doesn’t like those funny memes, especially after a long exhausting day?  It is a good way to relax and make us laugh.  There are a few meme accounts on Instagram I would like to share with you, funnymemes, epicfunnypage, funnyishcomedynetwork, and nugget. A daily dose of memes for y’all.  

instagram post on epicfunnypage

Join online groups that align with your hobbies

I’m an extrovert and I enjoy socializing.  I joined online hiking groups and sports groups on Facebook, and I have been to a couple of events the group has hosted. It is a good way to enjoy nature, meet new people and keep physical activities.

screenshot of Ottawa hiking hub page on Facebook

Use social media as a study tool 

Have you ever typed “excel tips and tricks” on the search bar on Instagram? Believe me, you will find a lot of useful information to apply to your work or school. There is also an account called ” thecheatsheets” which I found it helpful for basic tasks in Excel. Facebook also has a similar group called “advanced Excel Tips and Tricks”. You can post any questions related to Excel. It is always a good resource to learn and improve your knowledge and skills. 

thecheatsheets account page on instagram

Overall, social media is a double sided sword and we need to know how to use it properly. I like social media, it helps me to stay happy and positive.  How do you find your relationship with social media? Do you have any suggestions for building a good connection with social media? 

Social media posts:

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5 thoughts on “Maintain a healthy relationship with social media 

  1. Your first point resonated with me – just after Christmas I took the time to reflect on how I spend time online. I was following a lot of great content creators, but often their message did not resonate with me, or triggered negative emotions and thoughts. I decided to remove from my following anyone who did not make me feel good and my experience has been more positive than ever!

  2. Okay, you’ve got me hooked! I’m now following not only funnyishcomedynetwork, but also thecheatsheets and i’ve already shared some of these posts with friends and co-workers. I’ve laughed and learned with your blog. Thanks for helping me find balance in maintaining my healthy relationship with social media. It’s a daily challenge and I appreciate any tips and tricks I can get.

  3. I love the positive uses of social media- especially the dogs! Great suggestions for using social media to build your friend network. I am new to my city and will utilize it.

  4. Completely agree with your message and love the graphics included. My phone stopped working last week and it left me thinking for a few days how its been draining on me for so long. Once I got it working again I found new ways to use it that doesn’t drive me insane. Building a healthy relationship with it is most important. Arguably if you don’t have a healthy relationship with it you shouldn’t be using it!

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