Have you been influenced to buy something because it was promoted on social media?

These days, it feels as though I am easily influenced on social media by influencers, celebrities, and just trending items. Fashion trends, specialty drinks, and so recently: I have been influenced to purchase a Stanley cup travel mug. Women all seem to be carrying around and posting about these beautiful travel mugs of all different colours, with cute straws and boasting about it keeping your drink cold for hours.

I’m not sure how I feel about this item being so heavily promoted. My thoughts are that is it just as good as a Yeti (my old travel mug) and so many others. It does not fit in a cup holder which is another downside. Really the only benefit in my opinion is that it looks cute. However, you can find cute travel mugs everywhere. The price is a hefty $40, at this point I feel the cons outweigh the pros for this product. It’s hard to believe how easily someone can be influenced by social media. Buyers be warned!

Stanley travel mug THE QUENCHER H2.0 FLOWSTATE™ TUMBLER | 30 OZ | 0.88 L

I have been with past purchases which were promoted by social media influencers. For example, Lululemon purses. More specifically: cross body nylon satchel type purses. I love it and highly recommend to everyone I encounter. Sold in many beautiful colours and the size is perfect for me, small and comfortable but still fits the essentials.

Lululemon is a company I am obsessed with, because the quality is amazing and they have a fantastic warranty on all of their products. The prices of their items can be on the pricier side, but are worth it in my opinion.

In conclusion, you can be positively influenced and negatively influenced when it comes to promotions on social media. Are you a shopaholic? Have a passion for retail therapy? Be careful out there!

Check out my belt bag and Stanley travel mug!

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2 thoughts on “Have you been influenced to buy something because it was promoted on social media?

  1. I think this was a great post to make as we get exposed to so many ads through social media we don’t even realize we’re getting exposed to them anymore.

    I’m no shopaholic but I can say for sure that I have a weakness for food ads. Tim Hortons has their way of making want to try their new foods and drinks. That or new Bubly flavour ads. Aside from that, I very rarely get influenced into buying non-food products. Thank goodness…

  2. I’m not shopholic, I do see some promotion on social media and had curiosity to click the link. but I control myself not to shop because I would weight out the pro and cons on those products. overall, we need to think carefully before making those quick purchases

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