How Social Media Made My Favorite Hobby Less Special

It might be hard to believe when we look back, but social media wasn’t always part of our life. Social media has now taken the world by storm and today I’d like to talk about how it made my favorite hobby feel… less special.

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What Are Video Games to Me?

I’m a huge fan of video games. When I say that to new people, they might think that I play Fortnite, Rocket League, or other online multiplayer games that got so popular these days. But no. What I love is a great single player experience. I’d like to put the emphasis on “experience” as I really do think that video games provide more than just a quick form of entertainment. To me, they are stories, works of art that bring you to new worlds beyond imagination, and a vessel for extraordinary pieces of music. I wrote this paragraph because I want you to understand that when I say video games, I don’t just mean the guns and violence ones that get parents so worried.

How is my Enjoyment of Video Games Affected by Social Media?

Video games are still my absolute favorite hobby. I play so many of them and I’m aware of everything that’s coming out but… Something just isn’t like it used to be.

Back when I was a kid and then an early teenager, a new video game would come out, I’d get it and it felt like I was the only person in the whole world experiencing it. Games had been made for me specifically. Now I know this sounds odd and of course I was aware that millions of people probably were playing it, but I didn’t hear people talking about it. I’d talk about video games with my friends, invite them over to show them this new game, and if they were playing it too, we’d help each other out. It truly felt like this niche thing.

Fast forward 10 years and video games have gotten more mainstream than ever before. It’s now almost impossible to play a new video game and have that same experience because I see everybody talking about it on Twitter. I see all those opinions being shared online, people complaining about different aspects of the game or spreading spoilers. These days, if I want to truly enjoy a new game for myself I need to either leave social media completely or play through it faster than I normally would just to make sure I don’t get spoiled by some funny person on Twitter. Not to mention that video game companies now share so much information about their upcoming games that it feels like I already know the game before I even get to play it. Times have changed and getting a “blind experience” is now pretty much impossible. I think Happy Console Gamer on YouTube made a video on the subject titled “Gaming Then and Now” which inspired me to write this posting. In the video, Johnny and Rob, two childhood friends now in their 40s, reminisce on how video games used to be for them and how the internet changed things.

Additionally, the rise of online gaming and communication through the means of Discord, Skype, Facebook calls, truly makes games feel a lot less social to me. The times of inviting friends over and playing video games seem to have been replaced by online sessions and that’s still a weird one for me to accept. The busy schedules of our adult lives sure didn’t help either, but I think it’s great to make sure we still invite each other over when possible. The fact remains that everything is becoming more and more digital/remote and I don’t know how I feel about it.

In Conclusion…

Social media has made me realize that, while my hobbies may be very special to me, they aren’t as unique as I used to think. Social media have been a great way to meet new people that share the same hobby but at the same time… It kind of made everything feel less magical.

Has social media changed how you enjoy certain things? Let me know!

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Has social media changed how you enjoy certain things? Here’s how social media has made my favorite hobby feel less special.


#socialmedia #videogames #oldschool


Social media changed how we see many things. For me, as a massive fan of video games, it completely changed how I enjoy the hobby. Today I’d like to talk about how it even made my favorite hobby feel less special than it used to be.


#videogames #retrogaming #socialmedia

5 thoughts on “How Social Media Made My Favorite Hobby Less Special

  1. I found it very interesting to read your blog about how video games are less enjoyable as you age, possibly due to social media and it penetration into all aspects of people’s lives. Although I do not play video games, I can relate to how some things we enjoyed as young adults do not seem to be as fun/rewarding now. Apparently this is a universal feeling. Experts attribute it to a change in how people define or feel happiness. When we are young, happiness is associated with anticipation, excitement and elation. However, when we age with all the associated responsibilities, happiness is defined by times we feel at peace, calm and relaxed. Perhaps video games have not changed much- maybe it is you that has changed?

    • Good point, it could be it, but I think it’s not so much me that’s changing in this case as much as the video gaming community that’s easier to see and louder than ever before. Before social media, I’d be enjoying my hobbies by myself and for myself and it felt like a special thing nobody else was doing (or so I thought.) But with social media now, everybody can have an influence on how you enjoy something.

  2. Yes this is so true for everything now. It is genuinely so hard to form your own opinion on something without having a bunch of outside influences such as people discussing it online. It makes it hard to like something that others maybe did not like so much and not feel like you have to justify your decision to like it.

  3. This is such a good post! Social media has changed how I enjoy shows and movies – while I’ll still sit and watch a show or a movie, I know I have to avoid any and all social media networks to avoid spoilers. There’s nothing like waiting months to see new episodes of a show (in my case, Game of Thrones) only to find out a huge spoiler the day you were planning on sitting down and watching the new content; it SUCKS.

  4. Interesting! I completely understand where you are coming from and wanting something to yourself that feels unique and special. However, I love discussing my interests and networking/finding friends with similar hobbies. Maybe a little bit of both is the perfect balance. Finding something not to mainstream, but can share with a small group of friends. Nice work!

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