Blog 3: Is Social Media Impacting Your Job Search?

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Social media has come a long way in business.  I can remember when anybody looking for a job had to make sure their Facebook account was private. We have all heard of employees losing their jobs for trash talking their employers or making misogynistic  or racists statements.  Although we still need to make sure our on-line persona is employee appropriate, social media has evolved from something that can get your fired, to something that can get you hired. 

            Robert Walters found that over half of employers research potential employees on social media before hiring, which may impact their decision to interview a candidate or offer a role. Social media has become a powerful tool for employers to find and vet potential employees. Social media has become a way for you to authentically market yourself.  You can curate your brand image to make yourself standout – whether its your creativity, athletic prowess, charitable work or amazing travel adventures.  Social media has the potential to tell your story. If your resume is a short story, your social media can be a novel- but make sure potential employers are not reading the latest fantasy or tragedy! Make yourself the next best seller!

LinkedIn has been the dominant job searching and recruiting platform. Without a LinkedIn profile, a job seeker is missing out on job opportunities, networking opportunities, career advice and practical skill building workshops. LinkedIn is a necessity for established  professionals, but it has also expanded to serve those just starting out on their career path.  Tips on writing resumes or effective interview skills can support novice job seekers.

But LinkedIn is not the only social media site you should explore.  Get on Twitter and follow leaders in your field. Join Instagram and post those images of your incredible skills. Having a cultivated, authentic personal on-line brand can bring you to the attention of employers looking to hire.  They may see you before you even know a job exists!  So, use social media to your advantage- build your personal brand on-line and find your dream job! Let me know how social media has helped or hindered your job search in the comments below.

How important was social media in finding your last job? Let me know how you found your last job.  Complete the survey below and check back next week for the results:

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7 thoughts on “Blog 3: Is Social Media Impacting Your Job Search?

  1. There are a lot of valuable information in this post. I have been searching jobs primarily on LinkedIn and have created a nice profile. I have been thinking to promote myself by posting my skills and talents on Instagram or Facebook, but haven’t put in action, your post definitely motivate me to do it sooner. I usually set my social media platforms private, prohaps I could set it public to attract more opportunities.

  2. Social media without a doubt changed how we search for jobs. I mean, you can go on Facebook and see job postings in your area now!

    In my case, I arrange and compose music for clients. Social media has been an absolutely essential part of my career for putting myself out there and letting people know they can hire me to write for their projects.

    I really like that you mentioned LinkedIn but also mentioned that we shouldn’t use only that social media. This, I feel is so true.

  3. I also see LinkedIn as the perfect forum to start building your personal social media brand and find a job. I can’t believe it has been around for 20 years. I certainly believe that it is one of the social media platforms with a huge impact on any serious job search, and for marketing as well.

  4. Great topic! I think it totally depends on what field of work you are in/looking for. If you have a creative type job, I think the free expression on social can help you. If you are a lawyer or in that type of role, I would reconsider what you put out there online. Well done!

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