COM0014 Blog post #3: How to effectively communicate in Valorant!

Valorant is a 1st person shooter (FPS) game that is intended for kids 13 or older. According to game revolution it also states the game is suitable for anyone 16 or older due to the firearms used to kill human opponents and mild language. Mild would be an understatement because once you load into a game, the toxic voice chat can turn into a heavy profanity chat (In my opinion). But besides the fact, this is who the target audience if for Valorant.

The most effective way to communicate with this audience would be through social media. I believe Twitter is the most efficient, but we have Instagram, snapchat, and tik tok. I will leave facebook out of the equation because as a avid Valorant player, I never see anything pop up on facebook.

Valorant is full of surprises when you run into teammates and opponents. In my opinion, when reflecting on the type of audience Valorant has, you would find the following. You will find the person who has the biggest ego in the lobby because they played overwatch or CS:GO. (Two other games with slight relation to Valorant) You run into the silent killer who does not talk or communicate anything in the round but clutches up and kills the enemies. Then you usually run into the toxic player and the bad team “coms” combo. What I mean by this is simple, you run into a player who dies a lot and makes call outs of the whereabouts of where the enemy is but is totally wrong, then you combo that with the toxic player who one, yells at the bad communicator, and secondly, will yell at their teammates about how bad they are and takes no ownership in defeat. But how can we fix this? What effective communication skills could fix this disaster.

I believe that if the develpopers can come up with some sort of better action plan to fix the communication in the game, it would be so much better.

Looking into the skillset Valorant devloping team has, using Twitter seems to be the best option. I tend to fall back on updates from Twitter to help out my understanding of most recent updates coming out to the game. I have also seen surveys being posted on Twitter to help understand major paint points. Of course, as soon as I mention something, I can not find it for the life of me. But trust me! I would know. I love Twitter.

I would be curious to know which kind of of player you think I am, and if you play Valorant, which style do you portray?

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