COM0014 – Blog #4 Nike: Doing it right with Social Media

I was surprised to see that Nike has been able to reach all audiences around the world. This is quite an accomplishment! How did they do it?  According an article from Keyhole: “They don’t force you to do anything — they just show you their extraordinary product potential via social media and their other marketing initiatives.”  

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Social Media Platforms

Let’s first identify the main social media platforms Nike is using:





Nike uses different types of content to keep their audience engaged. I love how they incorporate video to tell stories. Nike uses a variety of stunning graphics as well. Variety is key to keeping consumers engaged!

Engaging the audience

Keyhole continues to describe the different methods Nike uses to engage with their audience: “The brand often encourages its followers to share their own stories and experiences, using hashtags (such as #nikefc, #nikewomen, and #justdoit) and other tactics to spark conversations and create a sense of community.”

Viral trends/Social Listening

Nike follows viral trends and then includes them in their social media. This is a great idea because they focus on what people are talking about and what’s important to them. They also make sure to respond to their consumers on social media. This builds trust for the consumer.

Keeping Audiences up to date 

Nike excels in the area of keeping their audience up to date on new products. This is brilliant because they build excitement! What’s even more exciting is they showcase real-life athletes using these new products. 


Nike’s Facebook page advertises its collaboration with top athletes and actors. What better way to tap into a larger audience? These top athletes and actors such as Kevin Hart have a huge following!

Promote inclusivity

Nike is inclusive and creates communities by allowing people to have a voice. They also bring attention to the real issues happening in the world. I was very moved by one of their ads called: “For once don’t do it.” which centered around the problem of racism in America. It currently has 1.4M views on YouTube. 

What have we learned from Nike? They use various types of content on social media to reach their audience. They ‘listen’ to the chatter and then provide their consumer with what they want. Keeping consumers up to date with new products builds excitement. Partnering with top athletes and actors allows them to access a larger audience. And finally, being ‘inclusive’ shows they care about all people.

What social media strategies have increased engagement with your audience?


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