Can social media improve productivity?

Social media has been life changing for me. I struggle with ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder, and can be a real couch potato sometimes. Seriously, it is very difficult for me to get motivated or productive some days. Once I stopped using social media for the wrong reasons – aimlessly scrolling on my friends feeds and judging myself based on their lives looking so amazing, I started using social media the right way. I now follow inspiring people, and this may seem mundane but it legitimately has helped me.

On days when my house is a wreck I watch many videos on other people cleaning their houses and somehow this inspires me to clean my own house. They turn cleaning into a fun task instead of chore by using headphones and listening to their favourite music, lighting a candle, making a delicious drink whether it’s your favourite iced coffee, soda, tea, glass of wine.

My personal favourite drink while cleaning, a French 75. My friends and I treated ourselves to these while cleaning the cottage we stayed at!

On days when I need to study, I watch videos on people studying with very aesthetic desk setups and organized/beautiful notes. I then clean my desk area, make my favourite chai tea latte, make my pretty notes and get cracking. When I need to workout? You get the idea, same thing. With many great videos to choose from on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels I never run out of inspiration.
In case you are wondering, here is my inspiration for writing this blog: Study with me

My special chai tea latte study treat

So I a wondering if maybe I am just weird, or if other people feel the same way? Can social media make you more productive? In some ways I believe it is my mind just trying to procrastinate by wanting to watch videos on social media first, or needing to clean my desk area before studying. But if you eventually do get to the task, and it makes it overall more pleasurable than won’t you be more likely to do these tasks on a daily basis? Or at least more consistently. I like to think so.

Twitter: Check out some of my own inspirational videos here!

Facebook: Watch how I clean and organize my desk area here!

Youtube video: 1.5 HR study with me!: Lofi Music, no breaks. YouTube. (2021, August 3). Retrieved January 30, 2023, from 

One thought on “Can social media improve productivity?

  1. Hi! I feel you on using social media for the wrong reasons. It definitely leaves me comparing to the lifestyles of others, but I always remember that life is not like a social media highlight and the behind the scenes are never shared. in terms of people trying to portray their life as everything is perfect:)

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