COM0011- Food for thought

I was browsing Facebook news feed, and a friend’s post caught my attention.  He posted pictures of him climbing a mountain at the tagged location- Mt. Binacayan, Rodriguez, Philippines, with the caption “enjoying the moment”.  I was like is he traveling to Philippines? Out of curiosity, I went in his FB page, and his journey in the past year blew my mind. 

Picture of Mt. Binacayan Peak from Nyo’s Facebook

I don’t remember when and where we became friends. One of good things about Facebook is that when you and your ex-friends don’t contact each other anymore, somehow the friendship still remains as “Facebook friend”, and it is the case between us. The reason why I’m surprised about his journey was because he had left everything in Toronto and Moved to Bali, Indonesia in Jan, 2022, and he has been living there since. I have no clue why he made the move, he seemed doing well in Toronto as he owned a business in the fitness industry, he is also a photographer and a fitness trainer. However, he looks happier by surrounding the beautiful nature in Bali comparing the pictures he took in Toronto.

Picture of Bali, Indonesia from Nyo’s Facebook

I’m sure we all hear someone in our life has done an adventure like this. The reasons why people want to make the change can be different, but it is admirable that someone who are brave enough to take the action. How many people have a gut to start a new journey in a new place/ country? Most people are caught up with career, family, and connections they have been built since childhood, it is challenging to give up everything and moving to a new place.  Some are too afraid to start a new journey even they are not happy with their life. 

If you ask me: are you willing to start a new journey in a new city/ country? The answer is yes. I have been doing it since when I was 18 as I moved to Canada myself and have lived multiple cities from west coast to east coast. 

How about you? What is your thought on seeking new adventures? Are you willing to leave everything and start a new journey? 

4 thoughts on “COM0011- Food for thought

  1. I can definitely relate to your blog. Being an immigrant myself, it is not difficult to re-visit my state of mind when I decided to come to this beautiful country. I agree with you about how challenging can be leaving everything back home to live in another country that you have never visited before. In my case, I should add that is also rewarding all the things one can achieve when one decides to move to a totally different part of the world. I am glad your friend by going to Bali and you by moving to Canada accepted the challenge and succeeded.

  2. I think it’s interesting how we can stay connected and keep up with so many people through social media. I sometimes go and check what old friends have been doing when they pop into my head and I go like “Oh my… It’s been a while since I thought of this person. I wonder what they’re doing now.”

    As for making a new start in another country… I don’t think that would be my type of experience personally. But I’d sure enjoy going away somewhere for a month or two. Changing the scenery, get away from the every day life. 🥲

    You have my absolute admiration for doing what you did though!

  3. Very inspirational! I love catching up with old friends and people in my life who I use to know. I would recommend you reach out and ask those questions you are wondering! I would love to travel more, I am very envious of those photos. Great post.

  4. I liked the way you organized your blog- the picture was engaging, enticing you to read more. I also liked the simple poll you included- again made people aware of both the excitement of travelling to new places- but also the difficulty of leaving everything familiar- definately food for thought.

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