COM0014 – Blog #2: The Art of Storytelling

Story time, South Australia

Since the beginning of civilization, storytelling has been a key aspect of our social lives. We have proof of this from cave drawings, showing our ancestors craved the social connection that we develop through sharing experiences. Social media is no exception to our love of storytelling. Whether it’s a post describing the current political climate in a country, or a reel of someone sharing their grandma’s favourite recipes, we are easily able to connect to others by posting online. We share stories for many reasons, but at the core it is always to connect with one another. 

In today’s day and age, our attention spans are much shorter than they once were. This is due to the fact that we are constantly taking in so much information, absorbing so many stories – sometimes multiple at once! I can honestly say I now have to actively move my phone away from myself while I am watching a show or movie in my home, otherwise I find myself scrolling through Instagram watching reels. This creates a difficult situation, as it is nearly impossible to fully engross yourself in one story while paying attention to others. 

Sharing stories with the trees, South Australia

In order to capture someones attention while storytelling, you must begin with the most engaging part of the story. As you may not have a lot of time with the audience, assuring the most important information is displayed or spoken right away is critical. I have never used the inverted pyramid writing method per se, however I do feel like it is the format I have always strived to use while storytelling. Coming across this method is new to me, but as I have been using a similar structure I am very grateful to now have this tool. I know it will benefit me greatly as it will allow me to tell stories more efficiently.

Inverted pyramid writing method, shared through Algonquin College Social Media Certificate Program

When we share stories, we are doing so to connect with others. We are doing it so we are able to find a common ground, either with the people we know or complete strangers. There is an art to storytelling that comes naturally to some, and can be more difficult for others, but I believe it is important to strive for as it is something that connects all of us. Humans are social beings that want to share moments and experiences with others, and this can be done through the art of storytelling. 

So many stories, so little time, New Brunswick

What moments come to mind when you think of great storytelling? Let me know in the comments below!

All photos shared in this blog post have been taken by me unless stated otherwise

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