UFC champion with the hardest punch in the world, leaves the UFC via Social Media?

Francis Ngannou, the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, announced his departure from the promotion in January, 2023 on his Facebook and Twitter platforms. Despite his incredible success within the organization, Ngannou cited several reasons for his decision to leave the UFC and explore other opportunities. Many fan’s including myself wonder, how could you leave when you’re on top of the world?

Francis Ngannou may have made more from NFT than he did from the UFC

(Jeff Bottari, ZUFFA LLC)

For some back story, Francis Ngannou was born and raised in Batie, Cameroon. He grew up in poverty and had a difficult childhood. He has spoken about his experiences of living in a small village with limited resources and opportunities. He has said that his family struggled to make ends meet and that he often went hungry. Despite these challenges, Ngannou always had an interest in sports and was particularly drawn to boxing. He has said that he would often practice boxing with friends and family members, using whatever materials they could find. Eventually, Ngannou moved to France to pursue a better life and career opportunities. One of the main reasons for Ngannou’s recent departure was the lack of financial compensation. Despite being the heavyweight champion and one of the biggest stars in the sport, Ngannou felt that he was not being fairly treated for his performances. He felt that he deserved a higher payout for his fights, especially considering the amount of revenue that he generated for the organization.

Another reason for Ngannou’s departure was the lack of control over his career. As a champion, Ngannou wanted to have more say in the opponents he faced and the events he competed in. He felt that the UFC did not give him enough autonomy in this regard and that his career was being dictated by the promotion instead of himself.

In addition, Ngannou also had some issues with the UFC’s Reebok sponsorship deal, which he felt was limiting his potential income from personal sponsorships. He believed that the deal was not beneficial for him and his brand, especially considering his status as a champion.

Lastly, Ngannou also cited the lack of global expansion from the UFC, as he wanted to reach a larger audience and grow his brand in different countries. He felt that the organization was not putting enough effort into expanding its reach, on social media and in the real world, and that this was limiting his potential as a global superstar.

In conclusion, Francis Ngannou’s decision to leave the UFC in 2023 was driven by several factors, including financial compensation, control over his career, sponsorship deal and global expansion through the use of social media. Despite his success within the organization, Ngannou felt that these issues were holding him back and preventing him from reaching his full potential as a mixed martial artist. He has decided to explore other opportunities in order to continue to grow his brand and achieve his goals as a fighter.

This leaves the question, where will he go next?

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