COM0014 – Blog #2: Speak To Your Audience

If you want to bring your audience into your story, then speak from the heart! Storytelling is all about the human aspect. If you bring your true self into a story, it will capture your reader. It’s important to “write what is true”, says national best-selling author Jeff Goins. If we are not truthful, we will not be able to capture our audience.

Back in the days when it was before bedtime in my household, it was story time with my children. I’d sit at the edge of my children’s bed and create stories. I’d always start out with ‘once upon a time’. I’d scramble to make up a captivating story that included a child and a castle. I made sure to create a character that had similar traits as my girls. I did this so that they could envision themselves in the story. I could see their eyes light up when I described in detail what the little girl in the story looked like. I could only imagine what their thoughts were!

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What I’ve learned about storytelling is that it should come from a deep place. It can open up a light inside you that you didn’t know you had. Adding the ‘human’ aspect creates emotion for your audience. If they find something in your story that they can relate to, you’ve hit the jackpot! If you can bring them along with you on your journey, then you know you’ve succeeded!

Have you ever told a story that captured your audience?


Jeff Goins, One of the Things I’ve Learned About Writing. (n.d)

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