Blog 1: How Social Media Changed my Life as a Musician

I’ve been a full time YouTube musician since 2015, but my life as an artist hasn’t always been this exciting. Far from it. In this posting, I will tell you exactly how social media changed my life for the best. Oh and before I begin my story… I should probably tell you that I come from a small town called Edmundston which has a population of about 16,500 people.

Credit: Mathieu Dupuis | Tourisme Edmundston

From Local Guitarist to Internet Musician

Before my YouTube journey began, I was a guitar teacher also playing electric guitar in a local band. We were playing bars/pubs, local events, parties, and festivals around Edmundston. It was fun for a while, but I couldn’t help but feel like things weren’t going anywhere for me personally. I didn’t enjoy the crowds of drunk people we were playing for, I never felt truly safe, the pay was very low, and to top it all off… my band mates weren’t taking band practice as seriously as I was. One night, after playing what turned out to be our final show, I announced that I was leaving the band to pursue personal projects. Definitely in my top 5 best decisions I’ve made.

Thanks to social media, I was able to leave the local guitarist’s life behind and relaunch myself as an independent musician that would end up being heard by thousands of people in over 140 countries. And that, in the comfort of my home. Social media has allowed me to meet so many awesome musicians through online communities which has led to inter-country collaborations that would never have been possible without the power of online networking.

Speaking of networking, social media has also allowed me to do commissioned work for people. It gave me the opportunity to compose music for podcasts, YouTube channels, and advertising campaigns. I was also able to do backing track work for singers that only knew me from my online presence as a musician. It’s incredible when I stop and think about it.

In conclusion

If it wasn’t for social media, I’d probably still be playing music in small local events trying to expand my reach by means of word of mouth as they did in the olden days. Perhaps I would simply be playing for myself too…

Social media opened so many new doors for musicians/artists. It made it possible for small town musicians to expose themselves to the entire world and for that, I’m truly grateful. Social media changed my life as a musician.

Has social media made your job easier in any way outside of the artist world? Let me know how it impacted your field of work!

Social media posts simulation:


Social media has revolutionized how we consume media. Today I talk about how it changed everything from a musician’s perspective! 🎶 <Bitly link to blog post>


Social media has revolutionized how you consume media but have you ever stop to think about how it also changed everything for your favorite artists/content creators?

Today I talk about how it changed everything from a small town musician’s perspective! 🎶 <Bitly link to blog post>

6 thoughts on “Blog 1: How Social Media Changed my Life as a Musician

  1. you are on the journey to achieve your dream. you’ve gained many subscribers on Youtube, keep it up! my job doesn’t use much social media, but I have been thinking to create account on instagram to post my performance as I’m playing an instrument called Pipa. it is plucked string instrument, same as guitar,hopefully it will happen soon.

    • Thank you for reading my blog post Maggie! 😀 You play the pipa!? That’s so cool! An Instagram account would be great to share this instrument with more people as I’m sure many don’t even know it exists. If you do end up making one, let me know, I’ll give you a follow!

  2. I admire your passion for your craft and your commitment to offering a diversity of services by optimizing your SM platforms is inspiring.

    Your depiction of how effective SM is for showcasing your talents globally and connecting a small-town artist with the world highlights how SM platforms break down accessibility barriers. The various platforms afford opportunities for people with disabilities, or those navigating transportation barriers, economic challenges, social anxiety and other factors that may otherwise inhibit them from traveling from gig to gig, to share their talent from their home.

    Thank you for sharing and I am excited to hear your music as we learn together throughout this SM course.

    • Thank you for reading, Marcie! 😊 Social media really made the world more available to people. As for artists it also makes family life a lot healthier as we don’t have to be away as much to share our craft.

  3. This is such an interesting read! There’s a growing amount of musical artists gaining popularity due to social media alone – I’m sure you’ll get there too, even more than you already have! Keep breaking down those barriers!

    In my field of work (internal communications), social media is used often to promote internal events and to showcase activities held for employees! Not anything nearly as interesting as your social media presence. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Camilina! 😊

      It’s still interesting that social media is being used to promote employee activities rather than just using email.

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