Why Storytelling is Important

Storytelling is important to creating digital content. Despite the fact that we are interacting with technology, we are human beings, and we still want to interact with other human beings. With so much information being available at our fingertips, the writers need to show that they are genuine, and that they are offering  information that can’t just be written by a robot. The writers need to get over their fears and get passed the idea of portraying a perfect image of themselves online and portray themselves (or their business) in a way that allows the audience to connect with them.

Currently, my job involves posting job postings on our social media channels, so that we can highlight the jobs available in the hopes of finding candidates to fill them, or to find new clients that could benefit from our services. Our services are free, so we are not trying to get people to spend money – just to reach out to use our services and hopefully find a match with the jobs available, so that we can fill an employer’s need. I think our engagement could be higher, and the number of clients that reach out to use our services could be higher.

I think I need to turn these job postings into stories to get the engagement that I’m looking for. Instead of just providing details of job postings, I’m going to turn it into storytelling. I could look at a particular field and describe what it is like to do that job. It would be nice to speak to an employer or a person working in the field to get their insights. Then I could list the jobs that we have available in that field and provide links to our Job Board, which lists the job details. The only issue I see is finding the time to write the story and potentially talking to others that can add to the story. Hopefully, I can plot out some time in my work schedule to do this, so that we can use social media to its fullest and get the clients that we need.

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