COM0014 Blog #7 – Course thoughts

The main thing I hope to take away from the weeks in this course is how to effectively transition a personal kind of storytelling and branding to a corporate angle. I want to apply these concepts to the new social media accounts that have been created for my organization. The posts we are putting out there are quick bits of information rather than a long caption with a story. We want our information to be quick and precise, with a graphic that grabs people’s attention. I have learned how to tell our story in a way that reflects our brand. I need to use the same voice when crafting the messages.
This is a bit different than writing personal (or business) blogs but I can take what I have learned about storytelling and shape it in a way that can be adapted to whatever story I need to tell. These are lessons that can be applied to not just my current work pages, but can be used down the road if I find myself involved with other social media accounts. Who knows, I may even jump into my own personal storytelling!  

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