Com0014: Blog #6 What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?

My childhood is exactly why I wanted to create a blog/vlog called “Sh*t I should have been taught in school”. On my first credit card, I didn’t understand “interest”. I didn’t understand how not paying it would affect my credit for the next 7 years. No one tells you that one day you are 18 years old and just loving being the big dogs in your final year of high school and suddenly you are graduated an adult responsible for everything in your life. You didn’t choose college so which factory do you plan to work at? I know we did “civics” I think it was called but I have no recollection of a course where I applied for various jobs and got one for $18/hr. Then budgeted out how much money after-tax I would take home. Then calculated the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment, and understood the cost of utility, food, cell phone, Netflix, and internet. Cost of a car or some form of transportation and all the cost associated with that. As well as the fact I should save a little for an emergency. I heard someone talk of an RRSP once. I heard that my help with saving and that tax thing I keep seeing on my paystub that was also never explained. Where was all that info in my final year of high school? The average person seems like they are set up to fail almost immediately after high school which is exactly why a blog like mine is so crucially important. I will say that some things need to be taught more in poorer neighborhoods. I am around a wealthier group of people and live in a wealthier area especially compared to the ghetto I grew up in and the parents educate their kids on that stuff a lot more. And that stuff was never talked about when I was younger.

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