COM0014 : Blog #5 What are my best features?

I would say my greatest feature is an unbreakable “will” to follow through on a deadline, goal, or promise. In business, I have no fear of taking on missions people say are impossible, unprofitable, or insane. The satisfaction of proving them wrong drives me every step of the way and has led me to great success so far in my life and career. At one time I and my wife had sold our house, moved, bought 3 townhouse condos, renovated them, rented them out, all while she worked full time building her business, and I was 40 hours a week minimum running the bowling and we did it all within a 3-month period. Many people advised against it there were some rough patches, but we made it work. We were determined to prove them wrong. That 3 month grind set the stage for the rest of our lives.

I am a people person but that doesn’t mean pushover. When you deal with a lot of staff you need to manage when it’s good to push them, when to support them and when to determine that they just can’t handle what is required. To sum it up the phrase that makes the most sense that I and my kids use is I am great at “reading the room”.  I have always been given a lot of respect for everything that I have handled and among my friends, I am generally the guy you go to see when you have problems. I see things from a different perspective and if a traditional answer is not what you are looking for then I most likely have an out-of-the-box solution to your problem. I hate resumes and online interviews because I am a passionate quick on his feet thinker. Once I leave the room the general consensus is we want that guy on our team.

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