My Personal Brand

In my yoga business, I focus on clients that may not walk into a regular yoga studio. I have had a passion for teaching those with disabilities, physical limitations, and people over the age of 45 who are not physically active. I have taken training and completed independent study to have a better understanding of how to help these types of people in their yoga practice, so that they can receive the benefits of yoga without feeling intimidated, or feeling like they can’t do what the instructor is demonstrating. I think this knowledge and understanding makes me stand out, and I think my empathy and compassion shows when I am instructing and giving options to people. Other instructors who don’t have the knowledge of how to provide the appropriate options to this clientele may choose to ignore them and only teach to their own skill level.

What I am most proud of is my ability to be flexible in my teaching, so that I can teach according to who is in the room and what they are currently dealing with. Or if I can’t implement what they need within the class, I speak to them afterwards and demonstrate appropriate poses, or I complete further research and send them information.

I once witnessed a client going into a yoga class for the first time using a walker. Her mother spoke to the instructor and asked if she would be able to participate in the class. The instructor was teaching at a facility whose mandate was to service people of any abilities, and to make the facility and classes accessible to anyone. The instructor told the mother that she planned on teaching Sun Salutations that night, and asked how the client would feel about that. The client clearly was not able to do regular Sun Salutations, which involve flowing in and out of poses, both standing and laying on your stomach. After the client and mother decided that the class would not be appropriate, I invited the client to attend my Gentle Yoga class, which I taught at the same facility. She attended class, and I guided her through the poses and provided options where needed. That was 11 years ago. I decided at that point that that was the instructor that I wanted to be. I was able to continue my learning, so that I could fully support these types of clients.

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