What will 2023 bring to the social media world?

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As the end of 2022 fast approaches, I thought I would look into what the predicted trends and outcomes will be for social media in 2023. Trends are a part of life, whether it’s fashion, communications, or even social media. We all can relate to trends and talk about them, especially when they impact our everyday lives. In the past couple of decades, social media trends have dominated in so many ways, here are a few of those growing trends according to the social media guru’s.


TikTok is growing rapidly, like Facebook, TikTok occupies a similar space in the social media realm. It’s fun, interactive and it prioritizes on people’s first connections. By the end of 2022 it is estimated that TikTok will reach 1.8 Billion users according to Retail Group. With that many everyday followers platforms need to continue to keep their brands alive and attractive. Not only is TikTok by passing all other social media platforms, according to a report from NBC News they revealed that about 40% of Gen Z use social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram for search entries rather than Google. TikTok is also looking at extending their platform as a dedicated shop feed, allowing customers to shop is various different categories. For any businesses that uses social media TikTok is a great resource and companies should start to optimize their brand content so they can rank high in the TikTok world and make presence on the search pages.

Will TikTok be our new search engine? Will it take over the social media world?

Brands Will Become Creators

What do we mean when we talk about a Brand becoming a creator? As we all know creating a brand that will catch attention is extremely important when it comes to using social media platforms, but what if I tell you it is predicted that it will no longer matter how many followers one brand has, but will relay on a brand’s interaction and content to capture their audience’s attention. From a business perspective, this will help generate new customers to their brand without actually having them follow you, allowing businesses to have a better opportunity to engage with future prospects to help promote and sell their products or services.

So lets think about our standard platforms like Instagram. Instagram promotes their content by looking at the most likes someone has, not really the actually brand or account but TikTok relays on engagement such as watch time, saves and shares to promote their content. As right now, each show equal value and are still generating interaction on their sites but TikTok is showing a faster progress because it is just simply easier and more convenient for the customer.

From a business concept I think all companies should review their content creation strategy and dive in deep to see what these platforms can do, and how they are going to really optimize their product.

Short Videos

As most of us already watch these types of videos through various social media platforms, in 2023 they are predicting that shorts videos will become the latest trend. For someone like YouTube who are constantly having videos posted to the platform, all with different time lengths, they have released their plan to adhere to the upcoming demand. They will be launching a new platform called “YouTube Shorts” this will help them adapt to the consumers growth. Why are these short video trends taking off? Short videos have become extremely popular with the Gen Z generation, they are easy to create, fast to watch, don’t cost a lot of money and most importantly they have a high engagement with users. So why do they think this will become one of the newest trends? We are busy, time is precious and very limited. People don’t want to be watching a 20 minute video, they want content that is quick, concise and gets right to the point. Also our attention spans have shortened over the years especially with the younger audiences. So it makes sense to react to these actions and provide short videos to ensure messaging, content and sales are still able to meet the consumers needs.

2023 is going to be an exciting year for social media and I am looking forward to seeing all the new trends these platforms bring to the table.

With all the new ways the world is changing, what changes will 2023 bring to the social media world?
#Socialmediain2023 #2023trends. Check out my blog for a few of the upcoming trends. https://bit.ly/3W9QfQd
What trends to except on social media in 2023. It’s going to be an exciting year!
Check out my blog for a few of the upcoming trends https://bit.ly/3W9QfQd

2 thoughts on “What will 2023 bring to the social media world?

  1. I think you’re pretty spot-on with your predictions. More and more people are using or viewing TikTok as their entertainment platform, influencers and personal brands definitely influence how we shop, experiences we want to have, and things we want to learn.

    After reading your blog of 2023 predictions and how social media is moving from photos and images to videos and reels, it made me think how history is actually repeating itself for a new generation. Just think back when the earliest phots were taken in 1827, and how amazing that “technology” was, then in 1888, the first basic videos began appearing, causing interest to go there to moving pictures. The same is happening now in a much more technological era. Everyone was fascinated with posting and viewing pictures online, now they’re obsessed with videos and reels and livestreams.

  2. Wow what an insight to think back through time to the stages of photos and videos. It makes complete sense on the growth and exposer of them all. We are just growing with the times and continuing to evolve, our technology will do the same.
    thanks for the comment

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