Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer is social media marketing. Social media marketing is using any social media platform to promote your brand and sell your product and/or services. Social media influencers are an important part of the social media platform network. Influencers help us as their followers of new products, new developments, and sometime breaking news. Social media platforms where people start to become celebrities or outright brands. One of the top game changers for social media influencers is TikTok. TikTok has been a game changer to social media because of their reach, features, and shareability.

Social media influencers have the tools to attract people such as viewers and followers to consistently and can motivate others to expand their reach. Social media influencers could be a blogger, celebrities, and even an online entrepreneurship. Instagram is easy to use by posting images, and videos aka reels, which encourages others to share the content that can help brands to help improve their target audience reach. If their content and audience match what they’re looking to promote and/or what your brand promotes it could represent an excellent marketing tool. The top five social media influencers are:

  • Addison Rae
  • Huda Kattan
  • Khaby Lame
  • Kayla Itsines
  • Selena Gomez

These top five social media influencers are using Instagram to combine their brand with their personal use and consistent posting to draw in viewers to become followers. The job role of an influencer are social media users who have several followers and use their social media platform to market services based on brand partnerships.

Photo Credit: Weedezign

Social media influencers are important in everyday life because this allows viewers and followers to increase brand exposure and boost brand awareness.  When influencers buy a product they provide a unique trackable promo code, as they sometime offer promo codes along with their post and stories. As this can attract their followers toward these brands can help drive conversation. Also, this can make it easier to determine the effectiveness of each individual influencer.

“Social media influencers can put your business high in the sky and they can make your company drop value in 24 hours” This states that any social media influencer can contribute to your brand and/or company by allowing your viewers to see which products you stand by. When being a social media influencer this allows followers and viewers to attract more attention to this certain influencer. As some influencers have an effect to followers will contribute to have followers direct attraction to more of their brand and company. What do you think about social media influencers?

4 thoughts on “Social Media Influencer

  1. Great information about influencers Emma.
    I had no idea that influences can play such an important role when it comes to brands and how much extra exposer they can provide for these companies. I have not heard of any of the influencers you posted as the top 5 but I plan on looking into them due to your blog. Great Work

  2. Great post Emma! I knew influencers played a role but did not know how much of an important role they could play in regards to a brand! I knew of Huda being a big influencer but did not know that Selena and Kayla were considered top 5 as well, I use Kayla’s workout app so I could see why she is considered top 5.

  3. I agree that social media influencers is an occupation that we are going to see more and more of in the future, because it is a fantastic promotional marketing tool.

    While I’m not familiar with your top 5 listed (except Selena Gomez), some top influencers I’m more familiar with are Vivziepop, Brandon Rogers, Civvie 11, Gianni Matragrano, Bread Boys, and Mr. Beast, to name a few.

  4. I enjoyed your post quite a bit! You put in alot of effort and information on social media influencers and marketing. It has been proven time and time again to be an exceptional tool to growing businesses and brands.

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