COMM0014 – B2C Case Study – Skyrocket Digital

Skyrocket Digital is a B2C Canadian company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Skyrocket is a “…branding and web design agency that works with organizations worldwide to help brands build authentic connections with audiences”. Skyrocket boasts that they help organizations grow with purpose by homing in on the story they want to tell and helping them tell it gracefully, authentically and with impact. They utilize brand strategy, web experience and marketing and growth to identify ways to connect with customers.


Skyrocket has helped over 60 companies with direct business to consumer expertise for over 10 years. They have a small team that identifies the company’s visual identity, vision, mission and values, and competition matrix to rebrand the company. Web experience involves tech plans and integrations, end user experience and design, website application and development and testing. Using creative workflows, automated processes and audience insights, Skyrocket will help the organization create, manage and refine projects and campaigns in order to achieve the stated business objectives. Skyrocket will also plan, develop and manage the written content, all social media publishing, and digital advertising campaigns. Another very useful service is monitoring the website analytics and providing reports on these metrics.

Social Media

Skyrocket utilizes a robust social media presence promote their product and to reach their audience and potential customers. They have an active Facebook account that highlights organizations that they have worked with, showcasing products, discussing current events as the pertain to social media, marketing and business development. They challenge viewers of their posts to ask questions about their own organizations and whether or not a company like Skyrocket would be able to help them excel in their market and increase customers/sales.

Newer to their Social Media presence is Twitter. While still very active, the account is newer and is just now starting to attract followers. They use their Twitter account to post about projects and activities that are ongoing as well as to re-tweet interesting and insightful tweets. Skyrocket also utilizes Instagram and LinkedIn to promote and showcase their business.

Large and small business would be able to benefit from using a company like Skyrocket to advance their presence in the economy. The specialized approach, and B2C format would make them a very useful resource to boosting any companies’ profits and audience reach.

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