influencers influence

I don’t know about you, but when I see an influencer raving about a product, show, or song I have to check it out myself. I have found a lot of my favourites this way. This isnt only influencers, we get this from friends and family too. Why is it thought, that we feel we have to try these products or watch these shows? 

image from Shopify by Michael Keenan 

If you have been following this person for while, you most likely have some things in common. This could lead us to think if they enjoy the product then we will too. For example, if an influencer is talking about skincare, you may have a similar skin type to them so you trust their opinion on products and are willing to try what they are showing. This also goes for hair products, clothing brands, and movies/tv shows. 

You may even be influenced to try different food recipes or orders. For me, it’s Starbucks drinks. If I see someone posting their order to social media usually Instagram or TikTok, I try it the next time I go. What is something you have been influenced to try, whether it’s food, clothing, beauty, or anything? 

In this photo from instagram stories, Alfie Deyes is sharing his favourite show at the moment. If you have a similar taste in tv as him this could influence you to watch the show. 

In this photo pretty book places is using instagram to promoting a photo album, she says in the post that “self-made gifts are often the best”. This may influence you to order from rose mood to get a gift for someone special for Christmas. 

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