COM0014 Blog #4 – Business-to-customer on social media

I follow my fair share of retailers on social media, but I wouldn’t if there wasn’t some engaging content to keep me interested. Supporting local, and Canadian, is really important to me and there are some  Canadian companies that do social media really well. These brands not only have great products, they are marketed in a way that can draw in returning and new customers alike.

Knix (@knix) has a mix of showing off their products, highlighting celebrity brand ambassadors and collaborators, promoting big sales, and most of all, using relatable looking individuals wearing their products. There is nothing that screams success to me more than seeing people who look like you wearing the product. Knix social media advertises big campaigns, such as one of their most recent, the Confidence Tour, which encouraged every day people to apply to be a part of fashion shows across North America. How could you not love a company and/or product that promotes a simple thing like confidence?! These posts build brand positivity and I can only imagine helps with sales.

Another Canadian company that I put in the same category as Knix is Smash + Tess (@smashtess). They use bright photography, models who are ‘real’ and show off their products in a relatable way. Promoting that these are both women-owned businesses is another thing that is made on very clear on these retailer’s social media. Both of these brands also do giveaways. That may not be bringing in paying customers, but the first step is engagement and that is a simple way to get people to follow. It worked on me! 

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