COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study – Gather

There is a cute little store in Bowmanville, Ontario that does a great job at B2C social marketing. You just need to take one look at Gather’s Facebook and Instagram pages to see that they definitely know who their target audience is. These two social channels are the only places online where Gather advertises and they have over 43,000 followers on both platforms combined. While I can’t see their entire following, I would bet money that it’s primarily women between the ages of 24 – 80.

Gather is owned by a woman, run by women, and is for women of all ages. They beautifully market themselves by sharing posts that are positive, uplifting, inspirational and authentic. They post numerous times each day starting with a feel good post that could be a funny quote or simply a picture of a beautiful sunrise. Throughout the day, you will see pictures of some of the items they sell. More often than not, they are showcasing clothing items on the women who work in the store, real women, not models. Each post comes with a beautiful description of the item, the price, the size ranges, how it fits and how it feels. It’s really like attending an online fashion show! Jewellery, soaps, candles, baby items and all the other beautiful products are shown in the same manner with descriptions so honest that you feel as though you’re holding it in your own hands. If you’re from out of town, or can’t get to their store they will mail your purchase to you, or personally deliver it if you’re in the area. Great marketing AND great customer service!

Photos from Gather on Facebook

The approach that Gather uses for their social advertising really makes me feel like I’m part of a large friend group of 43,000 who shop together.

And for those of us who really don’t love shopping, this company provides an online space that makes me want to physically pay them a visit and experience the warmth for myself. When you step into their store, it feels like you already know everyone and they make you feel like you’re part of the Gather family.

“We love to gather good things for you ❤️❤️❤️” – Gather Instagram Page

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