COM0014 Blog #2 Storytelling

Hello, in this week’s blog I will share some items I learned about storytelling. Storytelling has been around for thousands of years but has evolved many times as people and technology evolve. One of the first forms was pictures in a cave, with the invention of pen and paper storytelling gained another form and then evolved into radio, TV, movies, and the invention of the printing press. With the invention of the internet, the same story can be told in every language and sent around the world very quickly  

As storytelling changed so did the process of good storytelling and the methods needed to be a good storyteller. You need to be clear and concise while trying to grab the attention of the reader very quickly. I learned that most readers are exactly like me spending very little time reading a whole page but maybe just the first line or two. If you grab their attention, you may get them to finish the article.

My grammar in school was always very bad and was easily the part of returning to school I was the most nervous about. But with the help of a few apps and some extra learning, I feel like my readers will understand what I am trying to say now. Because there is a big difference between “Tommy helped his uncle Jack, off a horse. And Tommy helped his uncle Jack off a horse. Which is a very key ability in storytelling.

Out of everything I learned this week the part of storytelling I am trying to improve on audience engagement. And getting them involved with the story I am telling. So, if you have read any of my other blogs or just this one I would love to know how am I doing with that? 

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