Is there a best social media platform?

There are so many social media platforms out there, how do we know which is the best? Even though these platforms are similar each one serves a different purpose. Each social media platform has there benefits. I don’t use all the social media platforms out there. The main ones I use are Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, BeReal, and sometimes vsco. These platforms have lots of similarities, but I use them all if different ways. Some I use for business, some I use personally, and some both.

Snapchat- I use snapchat as a way to keep in touch with my friends. Snapchat is an app where you can text, send pictures or videos to your friends on the app. You can also post on your story, there are different kind of storys. You can have a public story which means anybody can see it. You can have a friends only where only your friends can see it. You can have a private story where you get to choose who sees it. Then you can have a group story where you get t choose or be chosen to be one of the select group that can post on the story. I find this is a great way to keep in touch with your friends, especially if you not a fan of texting. You can just send photos or videos of what your doing to your friends. When me and my best friend are really busy and aren’t able to see each other, we will send videos back and forth talking about our day or things we have coming up. The other can watch and respond when they have the time. Kind of like a phone call that you can hit pause and play on.

Instagram- I have 2 instagrams, one I use personally and one I use for my business. On my personal account I follow people that make my feed positive. What i mean by that is following people that have the same interests as me, or people who i look up to. People who are doing things i want to be doing in the future. I don’t want to be following anyone who i might compare my self to, i only want to follow pages that will have a positive impact on my day. When posting on Instagram i post pictures of things i have been doing/enjoying lately. I post these either to my page or to my story. Instagram story and simular to snapchat story, if your Instagram account is public then everyone can see your story. If you have a privet account, then only people who you let follow can see your story. Then you have a close friends story, this is the same as a snapchat privet story, you can to choose who sees it. When I’m using Instagram for my business, i follow other baking accounts as my account is all about baking. When posting i post baked goods i have made to advertise for future orders. Posting to both my page and story. Instagram also has reels which are 5-60 second videos you can post, simular to a tiktok.

Facebook- Like Instagram I use facebook for personal use and business. when using facebook personally, i don’t post on my page. I share the posts I post on my baking page instead. I also share other peoples posts that I’m either in or agree with. When I’m using facebook for business, i do the same thing as instragam and post all my creations to my page to advertise. Facebook also has reels just like Instagram. Since facebook and Instagram are owned my the same company you can sync the apps together.

tiktok- I use tiktok to watch and post 10secend-3 minute videos. I mostly post dancing videos on the app, but other people use the app to talk about things going on in the world. Some even post little vlogs about what they did during the day. I mostly follow people who are creating the same content I like to create. I also love watching tiktoks about books as i love reading. When posting on tiktok you can post the video privet where only you can see it. When you have a privet account and post only people you let follow you can see it. With a public account anyone can see the video you posted. You video could also end up on the “for you page”. The fyp is like a recemended page, tiktok takes the videos you have liked in the past, and then shows you simular content. You also have a following page, this page is where all the videos of people you are following show up.

pintrest- pintrest can be used for many things like promoting your blog or products your trying to sell. I use pistret to create mood bored to help me visualize my goals. I like to make pintrest boreds when I have a goal and want to visualize it. I also use pintreat to make mood boreds. I take things I like, goals I want to achieve, I find pictures of these things and create a bored i can look through whenever I’m feeling discouraged or unmotiviated.

BeReal- BeReal is a newer app that is used for the point of being real. At any point throughout the day you will get a notification. This notification it telling you its time to be real. You have 2 minutes to post whatever it is you are doing in that moment. The purpose of this app to show that not everything we are doing has to be picture perfect. Somedays your post could be you watching a movie, or doing work, cooking dinner. Whatever it is in the moment you are doing. You do not HAVE to post in those 2 minutes when the notification is sent out. If you post after the 2 minutes you are posting late. You can not see anyone else’s posts until you have posted yours. My BeReal when off right as I’m writing about this. When posting you take 2 photos one with your front camera and one with the back camera.

vsco-vsco is simular to Instagram, it is an app where you can post pictures. vsco is also a picture editing app. You can go into the app edit your picture and then post it straight to the app.

Is there really a best social media platform? I dont think so, I think each platform have there benefits depending on how you use them and what you use them for. I do think though that tiktok might be my favourite, but that doesn’t mean its the best. Let me know what your favourite social media app is, or one you think is the best. Are there any apps you would recommend to me after reading about the apps i use and how i use them?

One thought on “Is there a best social media platform?

  1. This is a neat analysis on all the varied social media platforms. Myself, I mostly use Instagram and Twitter. Very thorough blog.

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