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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first blog! My name is Emma and today I started thinking about social media platforms. Why are social media applications such a big hit around the world? What is your preferred social media platform? In my opinion all social media platforms are popular all around the world, however to myself my top social media platform is Instagram. I use Instagram daily by either creating content, to following the top news, to even look at what is trending that certain week. I prefer using Instagram than any other social media platform because Instagram has many features, updates, and can easily navigate for any new user.

Instagram has been known to be a very friendly to new users than any other social media platform such as Facebook and/or Twitter. Instagram has overtaken Facebook or/and any other social media platforms because Instagram has always been always the top trending social media platform. This has always been a positive place, message built-in, and has a better place for brands and/or company’s. Instagram has always been the top social media platform as some of these points have been introduced. Instagram has been one of the top trending platforms because Instagram has been with us from day one. Since Instagram has been with all of us, while other social media platforms have been trying to work on their type of platforms. They are never going to be a good as Instagram! What do you think? Do you think Instagram has been one of the top social media platforms?

Image by Chloe Bird – 2021

What if I ask you about your favorite/most used social media platforms, what would you say? Instagram? TikTok? Facebook? There are so many different types of platforms that billions of people could use. Some people could go with Instagram more than TikTok. Some would go to Facebook more than Instagram. Everyone reading this post might start thinking about what their top used social media platform would be, or maybe you don’t know about your most used social media. Do you have a social media platform preference? Why would that be your most top used social media platform?

Instagram has evolved throughout the years and has many effects to a lot of people as this social media platform is very popular from the beginning. These can go from easily to sharing photos with others, to having Instagram allows business to have their own account. These are just a few easy hacks Instagram has made this type of social media platform easy for new people. I enjoy social media and of course Instagram as this is my top platform to use.

Instagram is a fun place to share photos, videos, and/or stories to your friends! During this time now, users get to create content for followers, get to share products that that creator really enjoy. This gives the content creator ideas to give their followers to check out certain products and/or certain places to check out. It could be a clothing/makeup outlet place, or it could be a café to try different drink and/or treat. Instagram has made me choose to use this application on a daily basis as I use it this social media platform for many things. Do you use Instagram daily?

2 thoughts on “Do You Prefer Using A Certain Social Media Platform – COM0011

  1. I can agree with you on Instagram being a very positive platform. I don’t find it as negative or cynical as Twitter. Instagram is the platform I use the most (even though I’ve had a Twitter account longer than on Instagram), whether it’s to post photos of my recent drawings, travel photos, Insta-stories, sharing memes, and even watching funny cat videos, Instagram has it all.

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