Twitter 2023…

The online world of social media come the new year is both incredibly exciting and frustrating. For brands and social media personalities it is imperative that they manage to keep up with the new social media trends but also keep themselves informed on the changes happening within the current social media apps that the general population uses. The future of twitter for instance will be an especially entertaining one to look out for.

Photograph by Olivier Douliery

Elon Musk, Twitters new CEO

Since buying Twitter for about 44 billion dollars (54.20 a share), the apps new CEO Elon Musk has already made big changes within the walls of the company, by removing about 3700 jobs according to the NY Times. His most recent and controversial alterations to the app being the 8$ payment to receive a blue check mark beside your Twitter handle. These used to signify the legitimacy and verification of an individual or company within the public eye, this new change however now brings along with it a multitude of issues the first being that these now mean the blue check mark is almost entirely null and void. If just anyone can essentially buy a verified check mark, then how will we know who is legitimately who they say they are?

We have already started seeing many people creating fake accounts and impersonating public figures and celebrities by paying the 8$ fee for a verified checkmark and tweeting absurdities with said accounts. Twitter has already started banning and shutting down some of these accounts however these will continue to happen as long as this system is in place. Some celebrities have had their account banned or their verification mark removed because twitter could not identify that they were indeed the rightful owner of the account name. The issue was attempted to be fixed by adding a grey checkmark to mean you have a verified account while keeping the blue one to mean you paid the 8$ fee to buy a checkmark. They have now after only a day scrapped the grey checkmark and have kept only the blue one. Currently if you hover over an accounts checkmark it will let you know whether this is a verified account or if they bought it. Business insider explains this ordeal in much greater details if anyone is interested in learning more about it.

The future of Twitter

With all these chaotic and confusing changes happening to the app, only time will tell the outcome of this app. Will twitter remain an app we continue using to consume media? Or will Elon Musk burn it to the ground?

Elon Musk bought Twitter a little over two weeks want to know how it’s going? Click the link down below and find out!

Who is paying the 8$ fee for a blue checkmark? Find out in this link!

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3 thoughts on “Twitter 2023…

    • He is definitely putting Twitter into the spotlight but it was not exactly an unknown app. The stock for Twitter and his other company Tesla have both taken quite a dip and will continue to do so in my opinion unless he makes a change to his approach with Twitter or an update to it that the people truly enjoy.

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