Do people know your story?

The question I am going to answer from John Jantsch’s article is: “What excites me to get out of bed every morning(related to your business)?

I work in the hospitality industry as a Sales Coordinator at The Holiday Inn. I help coordinator, conferences, large events, small meetings and weddings. I ensure that everything is ready for the event from billing to making sure everyone has a guest room booked. I communicate with all departments that they understand what the event is and any information they may need to ensure the event is a success.

I would say that I get excited to wake up and know that all my hard work and planning for an event will actually happen. It is exciting to see the event take place and know that I made that happen. It is also nice when the manager of the event appreciates and thanks me for all my hard work and the acknowledges that I helped to make their event success.

Working in the hotel industry, no day is the same. Some days you may have one event to work on and other days there may be 3 or 4 events. I get excited each morning knowing that when I walk into work I won’t know what to expect. Everyday brings on new challenges and new people to meet and talk to. I love knowing that I won’t know if my day will be busy or slow and who may call inquiring about an event they would like to have at my hotel.

Overall, the curiosity of my workday and watching events take place after months of planning brings me excitement to get out of bed each morning.

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