How to Avoid Being Cancelled

My last couple posts I discussed the idea of “cancel culture”, and I figured for my last post I would tie everything together and discuss how to avoid being cancelled.

In this day and age, there is a lot of reasons you could get cancelled for, but most times it is things you can control. For example, last week I discussed James Charles being cancelled for “grooming” underage boys, this is pretty easy to avoid, just don’t do anything along those lines and you should be safe. However, with cancel culture, people are finding the smallest things to cancel people for, so how do you avoid this?

According to ScreenGeek, in 2020 people were trying to cancel Domino’s Pizza for liking a tweet made by Kayleigh McEnany (United States press secretary for Donald Trump) back in 2012.

Screenshot from

This is a situation where Domino’s couldn’t really avoid the controversy, but luckily people took the company’s side and realized they couldn’t have predicted McEnany’s future career or political views. However, this proves that people will go digging through all your social media platforms looking for a controversy. So the number one way to avoid being cancelled is to think before you post. Could your post be taken out of context? Who are you interacting with on social media? Have your internet friends been involved in a major controversy? Anything remotely controversial that you could be linked back to is probably unsafe to post or interact with.

Have you seen any brand or influencer being cancelled for something easily avoidable? Or how about an influencer being cancelled for something they couldn’t control or have predicted the outcome to? Let me know in the discussion space below.

One thought on “How to Avoid Being Cancelled

  1. Cancel culture is becoming ridiculous these days. I feel that it hit an ultimate high during Covid-19 when people were uber-bord scrolling through social media. I understand that humans have different opinions, points of view, and feelings toward particular topics/scenarios, but it has become too much; people have become too sensitive. I hope that life is moving forward after the pandemic and that people will become too busy and distracted to let minor things get out of hand or even canceled.

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