Snap Maps: A tool for parents or another safety concern?

Let’s talk about safety when using social media platforms, more specifically, Snapchat and Snap Maps.

For those who don’t know, the social media platform Snapchat has a function on it that allows you to see other people in your area depending on your privacy settings. The map lets users see their friends right down to the street name and building they are currently in.

As a Mother of three adults, Snap Maps can be a useful tool when one of my kids decided to take off to Italy by herself (which is something I’ve just experienced and would not recommend to any parent). The worry of something happening and no one being able to find her is significantly lessened when I see that little Bitmoji hovering over Venice like a shining beacon of “hey look, Mom! I’m alive!” However, I do highly recommend hearing her voice just to be sure.

But what about the younger generations with this app? Working in elementary and high schools I’ve heard countless stories about kids following others around town to scare them, or worse, jump them using the platform. What is a reassurance to me, can be a nightmare for other parents because their teens don’t know how to properly use the safety features built into the app…or they just don’t care to.

Personal Screenshot

The app can be programmed to only allow friends or even certain friends to see your location, something many teens don’t think about once they start sharing their maps with others. As a further precaution, Snapchats default mode puts everyone in “ghost mode” when they register. This means in order to use the location function, it has to be turned on. Users can even block certain friends from their location without taking them off their friend’s list at all.

At the end of the day, Snapmaps, like any social media platform, has its pros and cons when it comes to safety while using the application. For parents or any blog readers who may be unfamiliar with Snapchat, here’s a quick guide to the platform and all of its functions.

So the question is, how will you talk to your teens about Snap Maps? How could Snap Maps make your life a little easier?


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2 thoughts on “Snap Maps: A tool for parents or another safety concern?

  1. Thank you for sharing. I put myself in the position of thinking that I would be very worried if my child went on a trip to a strange country. With this feature of snapchat, parents can at least have a clear idea of what to expect. I hope snapchat can improve the safety information function of this status. If information about one’s privacy is revealed. In addition, I recommend this feature for families where parents and children have a comfortable relationship.

    • The whole trip was an ordeal for me but thankfully the child is safely enroute home and mamabear can now breathe. The map feature has been a godsend on many adventures with my girls and we do have a pretty open/comfortable relationship.

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